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Configuring   A Udio   E Xception   D Etection - 3xLogic VSX-2MP-FE User Manual

Visix network camera.
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If   y ou   e nable   t he   f ace   d etection,   o nce   a   f ace   a ppears   i n   t he   s urveillance   a rea,   i t   w ill   b e   d etected   a nd   c ertain  
actions   m ay   b e   t riggered   b y   t he   d etection.    
1) Enter   t he   f ace   d etection   s ettings   i nterface:    
Configuration   >   A dvanced   C onfiguration   >   E vents   >   F ace   D etection    
2) Check   t he   E nable   F ace   D etection   t o   c heckbox   t o   e nable   t he   f unction.    
3) (Optional)You   c an   c heck   t he   E nable   D ynamic   A nalysis   f or   F ace   D etection   c heckbox   i f   y ou   w ant   t he  
face   d etected   g et   m arked   w ith   r ectangle   i n   t he   l ive   v iew.      
S elect   d isable   t he   r ules   f rom   C onfiguration-­‐Local   C onfiguration-­‐Live   V iew   P arameters-­‐Rules  
if   y ou   d on't   w ant   t he   d etected   f ace   m arked   w ith   t he   g reen   f rame.    
4) Configure   t he   s ensitivity   [ 1~5]   o f   t he   f ace   d etection.    
5) (Optional)You   c an   a lso   c onfigure   t he   l inkage   a ction   f or   f ace   d etection.    
T he   f ace   d etection   i s   o nly   s upported   b y   a   c ertain   s eries   o f   c amera   m odes.   A nd   i t   d oesn't  
support   a ny   l inkage   m ethod.    
Audio   e xception   d etection   d etects   t he   a bnormal   s ounds,   s uch   a s   t he   s ilence   d etection,   e nvironment   n oise  
detection,   a nd   c urrent   n oise   d etection.    
Enabling   t he   S udden   C hange   o f   S ound   I ntensity   c an   d etects   t he   c hange   o f   t he   s ound   v olume   a nd   s ource   i n   t he  
Sensitivity:   R ange   [ 1-­‐100],   t he   s maller   t he   v alue   t he   m ore   s evere   t he   c hange   s hould   b e   t o   t rigger  
the   d etection.      
Sound   I ntensity   T hreshold:   R ange   [ 1-­‐100],   i t   c an   f ilter   t he   s ound   i n   t he   e nvironment,   t he   l ouder   t he  
environment   s ound,   t he   h igher   t he   v alue   s hould   b e.   Y ou   c an   a djust   i t   a ccording   t o   t he   r eal  
Arming   S chedule   i s   c onfigured   t o   s et   t he   t ime   y ou   w ant   t he   f unction   t o   b e   e nabled.    
1) Click   E dit   t o   s et   t he   a rming   s chedule.      
2) Choose   t o   t rigger   a larm   a ctions   a s   N otify   S urveillance   C enter   a nd   S end   E mail,   U pload   t o   F TP   a nd  
Trigger   C hannel   o r   t rigger   t he   A larm   O utput.      
3) Click   S ave   t o   s ave   t he   s ettings.      
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Face   D etection   I nterface   S teps:    
Figure  6-­‐44
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Table of Contents

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