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Configuring   P Ort   S Ettings - 3xLogic VSX-2MP-FE User Manual

Visix network camera.
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Table of Contents
2) Configure   t he   b asic   n etwork   s ettings,   i ncluding   t he   N IC   T ype,   I Pv4   o r   I Pv6   A ddress,   I Pv4   o r   I Pv6  
Subnet   M ask,   I Pv4   o r   I Pv6   D efault   G ateway,   M TU   s ettings   a nd   M ulticast   A ddress.    
The   v alid   v alue   r ange   o f   M TU   i s   5 00   ~   1 500.      
The   M ulticast   s ends   a   s tream   t o   t he   m ulticast   g roup   a ddress   a nd   a llows   m ultiple   c lients   t o  
acquire   t he   s tream   a t   t he   s ame   t ime   b y   r equesting   a   c opy   f rom   t he   m ulticast   g roup  
address.   B efore   u tilizing   t his   f unction,   y ou   h ave   t o   e nable   t he   M ulticast   f unction   o f   y our  
3) Click   S ave   t o   s ave   t he   a bove   s ettings
A   r eboot   i s   r equired   f or   t he   s ettings   t o   t ake   e ffect.      
You   c an   s et   t he   p ort   N o.   o f   t he   c amera,   e .g.   H TTP   p ort,   R TSP   p ort   a nd   H TTPS   p ort.    
1) Enter   t he   P ort   S ettings   i nterface:
Configuration   >   B asic   C onfiguration   >   N etwork   >   P ort      
Or   C onfiguration   >   A dvanced   C onfiguration   >   N etwork   >   P ort
10225  Westmoor  Drive,  Suite  300,  Westminster,  CO  80021  |  |  (877)  3XLOGIC
TCP/IP   S ettings    
Figure  6-­‐6
User  Manual|  VISIX   N etwork   C amera  


Table of Contents

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