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Spare Parts; Notes On Repair Parts - Sony TRINITRON PVM-14L5 Service Manual

Color video monitor.
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7-1. Notes on Repair Parts

1. Safety Related Components Warning
Components marked ! are critical to safe operation.
Therefore, specified parts should be used in the case of
Les composants identifiés par la marque ! sont
critiques pour la sécurité.
Ne les remplacer que par une pièce portant le numéro
2. Standardization of Parts
Some repair parts supplied by Sony differ from those
used for the unit. These are because of parts common-
ality and improvement.
Parts List has the present standardized repair parts.
3. Stock of Parts
Parts marked with "o" at SP (Supply Code) column of
the Spare Parts list may not be stocked. Therefore, the
delivery date will be delayed.
Items with no part number and no description are not
stocked because they are seldom required for routine
4. Units for Capacitors, Inductors and Resistors
The following units are assumed in Schematic Dia-
grams, Electrical Parts List and Exploded Views
unless otherwise specified.
: µF
: µH
: Ω
Notes on replacing board
On the B, T and Q boards
When any of either the B board 1-682-390-14 or the T
board 1-682-396-12 or the Q board 1-682-395-13 is going
to be replaced, replace these three boards at the same time.
Reason : Because there are changes of EXT SYNC
between the B and the T board, and because
there are changes of 3.3 V power line between
the T and the Q board, the machine will not work
if any of these is left in the former board.
On the D1 and the G board
In the new board, the connectors CN1504 (D1 board) and
CN502 (G board) are changed from 5 pins to 6 pins, the
mating connectors must be inserted by aligning to pin-1.
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