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Installation - Haier UDW603 Instruction And Installation Manual

60cm fully integrated dishwasher
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Positioning the appliance
Position the appliance in the desired location. The rear of the appliance should rest against
the wall behind it and the sides, along the adjacent cabinets or walls. The dishwasher is
equipped with water supply and drain hoses that can be positioned to the left or the right to
facilitate installation.
Anti-condensation strip
Fit the self adhesive anti-condensation strip (supplied) to the underside of the worktop
along the front edge (see Fig 16).
Levelling the appliance
The adjustable feet of the dishwasher allow it to be raised up to 870mm. If the space
between the floor and the underside of the worktop is greater than 870mm, the appliance
should be positioned on suitable wooden spacers which should always be fixed to the floor.
Use a spirit level to make sure the appliance is level front to back and left to right.
If the appliance is installed on a carpet, ensure there is a clearance beneath the appliance.
The four dishwasher feet should be adjusted to the correct height; the rear feet can be
adjusted using the tool supplied, via screws at the front of the appliance (fig 1a overleaf).
To increase the height, turn the screws in a clockwise direction, to lower turn in an anti-
clockwise direction. DO NOT use a power screwdriver to make this adjustment. The
dishwasher should not be inclined more than 2° . If the appliance is level, it will help to
ensure the dishwasher performs properly.
To prevent damage to the floor covering, the appliance must be installed using the plastic
skids provided.



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