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Haier UDW603 Instruction And Installation Manual page 36

60cm fully integrated dishwasher
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Appliance365 End User Warranty Conditions
The conditions below outline the prerequisites and scope of the warranty offered by Appliance 365 Limited
("we / us") to consumer end users of appliances supplied by or through us. Please note that these conditions
do not affect your statutory rights or the obligations of your retailer and your contract with them.
We provide warranty cover for appliances supplied by or through us for a period of 12 months from the date of
delivery of the appliance to the initial end user subject always to the following conditions:
The appliance must be correctly installed and operated in accordance with its instructions and only be
used for normal domestic purposes.
appliance; professional or commercial use of the appliance is not covered by this warranty.
For the warranty to be valid you must register the warranty together with your details within 28 days of
delivery of the appliance to the initial end user. To register the warranty, please follow the instructions on
the form included in the document package accompanying your appliance.
In accordance with the conditions below (items 4 - 8), defects affecting the appliance which are clearly
attributable to material and/or manufacturing faults will be rectified, provided they are reported
immediately after being identified and within 12 months of delivery of the appliance to the initial end user.
To make a claim under this warranty please contact our customer service department using the number
provided in the appliance's service manual, giving full details of the appliance concerned (such as make,
model and serial number) and the defect in respect of which the claim is being made. We reserve the
right to inspect the appliance following notification of the alleged defect to verify whether a warranty
claim is valid in accordance with the terms and conditions of this warranty. You must (wherever possible)
retain the appliance in the condition as when the defect was reported until inspection has been carried
out. If no defect is identified in the appliance upon inspection a reasonable call out charge may be
The warranty does not cover fragile items such as glass or cosmetic parts or consumable items such as
light-bulbs. Warranty liability will not be triggered by minor variances from nominal features which are of no
significance to the appliance's value or fitness for purpose, or damage caused by the chemical or
electrochemical effects of water and generally by exceptional environmental conditions, inappropriate
operating conditions, or the appliance having come into contact with unsuitable materials. Likewise, no
warranty liability will be accepted if the defects stem from transport damage for which we are not
responsible, improper installation and assembly, improper use, poor maintenance or failure to follow
operating or assembly instructions or any other instructions or guidance in respect of the storage, use or
operation of the appliance. Furthermore, warranty does not apply to any defect arising from fair wear
and tear, wilful damage, accident or negligence by the end user or any third party.
This warranty will not apply: -
If repairs or other interventions are carried out by persons not authorised by us to take such action, or
if our appliances are fitted with non-original spare parts, extras or accessories; and / or
In the event of physical or verbal abuse towards any member of our staff.
In the event that a warranty claim is verified as valid, warranty provision will be free of charge and we will
decide (at our discretion) whether this will take the form of a repair or the replacement of the appliance.
All repairs to appliances will be carried out on the premises at which they are installed. Once repair /
replacement has taken place, our responsibility under this warranty in respect of that reported defect will
Warranty cover is available only to consumer end users of the