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Haier UDW603 Instruction And Installation Manual page 9

60cm fully integrated dishwasher
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Adjustable screw
Cold water connection
If the water pipes are new or have not been used for some time, let the water run to make
sure that the pipe is clear and free from impurities. Failing to do so may result in the water
inlet becoming blocked and the appliance may be damaged as a result.
Connect the water supply hose to a threaded ¾ connector, making sure that it is fastened
tightly in place (see Fig. 1).
Some models are fitted with an "aqua stop" water supply hose (see fig. 2) in which a small
filter is already housed in the threaded end.
Anti-flooding protection
The dishwasher is equipped with a system that stops the supply of water in the event of a
problem with the water supply hose or leaks within the unit, in order to prevent damage to
your home. If, for any reason, the box containing the electrical components happens to get
damaged, remove the appliance's plug from the socket immediately. In order to guarantee
that the anti-flooding feature operates properly, the "A" box with water supply hose must be