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Haier UDW603 Instruction And Installation Manual page 13

60cm fully integrated dishwasher
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The dishwasher should be secured to the underside of the worktop via the two fixing
holes in the top trim.
For non-wooden worktops (e.g.; marble) two solid worktop fixing brackets are
provided to allow the appliance to be secured to the sides of the adjacent cabinets.
These should be secured to the appliance using the two screws at the top of the
chassis (see fig 1B), adjusted to the correct width and then screwed to the adjacent
side panels using suitable screws.
The door must be perfectly balanced. In the factory, the tension of the springs is
regulated to ensure that the door is perfectly balanced when a light wood décor door
panel is fitted. If heavier, solid wood door panels are used, the door can be balanced by
simply turning the two screws located on the top part of the machine (see Fig 13
overleaf). Both screws must be turned by the same amount.
The door is balanced when it remains open under its own weight and is level when
Sealed plug location
Fig 12a