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Haier UDW603 Instruction And Installation Manual page 12

60cm fully integrated dishwasher
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The maximum dimensions and weight for the décor door are as follows:
The following steps should be taken to fit the décor door:
Measure the width of the décor door
Align the top of the template (supplied) with the top of the rear side of the décor
The left hand edge door should be aligned with the correct door width on the
Mark the 4 fixing positions.
Repeat this process on the right hand side.
Remove the template and drill pilot holes in the décor door in all 8 positions using a
suitable drill and taking extra care not to drill through the door.
Attach the white plastic décor door fixing studs and lower fixing brackets as shown
in figure 8 below.
Offer the décor door up to the appliance door and slot the décor door fixing studs
into the appropriate slots on the dishwasher fascia panel.
Push the door up firmly until it stops.
Lower the décor door panel down slowly, applying pressure to the bottom of the
décor door to ensure it makes good contact with the appliance door. This will ensure
that the fins on the lower fixing brackets slide into their slots.
Do not release the décor door until you are certain the bottom of the door is secure.
Align the top of the décor door with adjacent cabinets.
Open the dishwasher door (the décor door should stay in place by itself).
Secure the décor door from inside the dishwasher using the screws provided (see
Fig 12 overleaf).
Cover the screw heads using the plastic plugs provided.
Insert the sealed plugs in the front crosspiece as shown in Fig 12a overleaf.