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Haier BFD45W Installation Instructions Manual
Haier BFD45W Installation Instructions Manual

Haier BFD45W Installation Instructions Manual

Domestic dishwasher
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Built-in installation(without worktop)
Built-in installation



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Summary of Contents for Haier BFD45W

  • Page 1 Built-in installation(without worktop) Built-in installation...
  • Page 2 Rinse simultaneously. socket.See nameplate for size of required - Wait a further minute and then fuse. switch the appliance off. Disconnecting the dishwasher Protection from freezing Here too,it is important that tasks are carried temperature out in the correct sequence:...
  • Page 3: Installation

    Checking contents of delivery the risk of suffocation. All functions of your dishwasher have been thoroughly tested in the factory. A small Your new appliance was protected by suit- number of water marks have been left on able packaging while it was on its way to you.
  • Page 4 Remnants of food are stuck to the - Coarse or fine filter or microfilter dishes,cutlery,etc. is blocked. - Dishwasher was not loaded properly. Jets of water could not reach all parts of During washing the dishes, etc. Unusual amount of foam is created - Too many items in the rack.
  • Page 5 This saves time and aggravation. You should therefore carefully inspect the in- side of your dishwasher from time to time. Overall condition of appliance - Check that no grease or scale has Spray arms...
  • Page 6 (ca.5min) (ca.10min) (ca.10min) (ca.10min) (ca.10min) Washing dishes Switching the dishwasher ON Programme selection - Set main switch 1to ON. The most appropriate programme can be Indicators light up according to thelast identified by comparing the type of crockery, programme that was selected.
  • Page 7: Lower Rack

    Detergents Lower rack Information about detergents - The lower rack is suitable for bowls,soup plate,frying pan,pan cover and plate,knife, You can use any brand or liquid or powder fork,spool and soup ladle,etc. detergent,as well as tables,that have been - Plates shoud be sent in one direction and specifically designed for use in domestic the bowls and cups should be set in the dishwashers.(Do not use normal washing-up...
  • Page 8 - Generally, rinse liquid is automatically if washed in the dishwasher. Some types of added upon the last rinse process glass can become opaque in appearance Rinse-aid after they have been washed many times in a dishwasher.
  • Page 9 During installation During normal use - Site the dishwasher and connect it up in - Use the dishwasher solely in a domestic accordance with the installation environment and for its designated instructions.
  • Page 10 Start Standard Intense Power Indicator Pause Drying Drying Delay timer WQP6-2A Rinse Start Haier Drying Pause Domestic Dishwasher Safety information Getting to know your dishwasher Filling the Rinse-aid container Not suitable for the diashwasher Arranging crockery, glasses, the dishwasher Detergent...

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