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Sony MVS-6000 User Manual

Multi-fomat production switcher
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Multi-fomat Production Switcher



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  • Page 1 MVS-6000 Multi-fomat Production Switcher
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    3) 1M/E to 2.5M/E Support ........................ 8 4) The 2.5D Resizer and 3D DME ......................8 5) Powerful frame memory and clip capability................... 8 6) Partner with Sony Automation and new HSC/HXC series cameras..........8 Extended System Details......................... 9 1) Standard Configuration........................9 2) Upgrade to Multi-format Processing ....................
  • Page 3 20) Utility Bus............................17 21) Control Port (RS-422A)........................18 22) Data Compatibilities ........................18 Positioning Within Lineup........................19 Why choose MVS-8000GSF vs. MVS-6000..................19 Comparison between MVS-8000GSF and MVS-6000 ...............20 Operational Notes..........................22 Operation without a Touch-Screen Menu ..................22 Multi Function FlexiPad ........................22 CCP-6324/6224: AUX Mode......................22 Simple P/P ............................22...
  • Page 4: Executive Summary

    The MVS-6000 is available in 1 to 2.5 M/E configurations, in a compact 4RU frame, with up to 49 inputs and a choice of different control surfaces. The unit maintains the same operational method as the MVS and DVS series switchers so customers and operators who have experience with these units can operate the new model with minimal training.
  • Page 5: Product Concept

    The MVS-6000 series is designed to target customers who are looking for the renowned reliability and industry standard operation of the MVS-8000G series but who are restricted in their available budgets. By introducing the MVS-6000 with a powerful feature set and a competitive price, we will be able to target new market segments.
  • Page 6: Target Markets

    Target Markets The flexible configuration options for the MVS-6000 mean that the unit is suitable for wide variety of customer types. In addition to broadcasters, cable operators and regional television stations, the system is also suitable for educational facilities, large Houses of Worship, stadiums, sporting venues, high end internet content producers and large live event venues such as entertainment centers.
  • Page 7: Main Features

    2) Fixed Configuration Control Panel (CCP-6224, CCP-6324) Two new control panels are also available for the MVS-6000. The 2M/E, 24-crosspoint button (CCP- 6224) and 3M/E, 24-crosspoint button (CCP-6324) panels come with a fixed layout and can be ordered as a single item.
  • Page 8: E To 2.5M/E Support

    6) Partner with Sony Automation and new HSC/HXC series cameras By combining the MVS-6000 with the Sony ELC automation system (ELC-MVS01) cost effective news production is able to be realized. The new HSC-300 and HXC-100 camera systems are the perfect companions to the MVS-6000, allowing very cost effective solutions to be configured to customer’s...
  • Page 9: Extended System Details

    Extended System Details 1) Standard Configuration The unit is supplied built to order via the CTO system in the same way as existing MVS products. The following is the default configuration: SD format, 1M/E, 4RU Processor, 15 Inputs, 24 Outputs, SD Processing (480i/59.94, 576i/50) - 1M/E, 1.5M/E, 2M/E and 2.5M/E are supported with the optional software.
  • Page 10: Required Software For Expansion Of M/E And Upgrading To Multi-Format

    Required 4) Simple P/P Software With this software (BZS-6250) +0.5M/E can be added. In the MVS-6000, even with the simple P/P, the DME wipe can be used. The program output of simple P/P can be returned to primary input with external cables and 1H delay can be avoided by using this configuration.
  • Page 11: 2Ch Of Internal 3D Dme Option

    M/E and AUX. This functionality is not supported on the CCP-8000 panels. Customers can also use the existing CCP-8000 and CCP-9000 panels with the MVS-6000. These choices allow flexible operation and the range of control surfaces can be selected to best suite the customers’...
  • Page 12: System Control Unit - Mks-8010B

    9) System Control Unit – MKS-8010B The system control unit to be configured with the CCP-6224/6324 should be the MKS-8010B which is a successor model of MKS-8010A. The MKS-8010A will be discontinued and replaced by the MKS- 8010B; this unit will also be supported by MVS-8000 and DVS-9000 series switchers. The menu display terminal (ANALOG VGA RGB 15pin D-SUB) is a new feature provided with the MKS- 8010B, this differs from the MKS-8010A as it allows a commonly available external VGA monitor to be used to display the menu.
  • Page 13: Menu Panel Less, Ms/Usb Module Less

    MENU Panel Less, MS/USB Module Less Fixed control Panel and Menu Panel This configuration is also available If you want to use the Menu Panel and Memory Stick/UBS Modules, you can make this configuration also. New Operation Style VGA display, Mouse and New Multi Flex-Pad operation make comfortable operation environment System Control Unit is necessary.
  • Page 14: New Flexipad Module

    10) New Flexipad Module The following four modules are integrated into a new single module which is the same size as the 10- key pad module. The buzzer incorporated in the AUX module is provided to it for the operation without the AUX module.
  • Page 15: Internal Routing Switcher Configurable

    The transition fader can be used for the keyframe fader by assigning the KF function via a button as shown below. 11) Internal Routing Switcher Configurable The monitor output option, MKS-8161M (an existing optional item) can be installed in the processor, which provides 8 monitor outputs.
  • Page 16: Dme Wipe For Keyer Transition And Background Transition

    14) DME Wipe for Keyer Transition and Background Transition The DME wipe can be done for background transitions for each M/E and also it can be done on simple P/P. The pattern is limited such as door, flip and tumble etc. No page turn is available. ME1 >...
  • Page 17: Wipe Patterns

    15) Wipe Patterns The standard patterns including circle are available. (Enhanced wipes such as star, heart, dust etc. are not supported.) 16) Color Background 1 Color Background is provided as standard. The color mixing is available. 17) Multi Program The Multi Program feature is supported. There are 4 kinds of outputs from M/E. Note: Multi Program 2 is not supported this feature requires the MVS-8000G/GSF.
  • Page 18: Control Port (Rs-422A)

    6000, but frame memory data is able to be shared between models. The DME settings created for existing models like the MVE-9000 can be used with the internal DME in the MVS-6000 but only functions supported by both units are available. 18 |...
  • Page 19: Positioning Within Lineup

    Positioning Within Lineup The MVS-6000 is a new model and does not replace any unit within the Sony switcher line-up. The current MVS-8000G, MVS-8000GSF, and MFS-2000 units are ongoing models. The following model list shows the general positioning within the lineup: •...
  • Page 20: Comparison Between Mvs-8000Gsf And Mvs-6000

    Comparison between MVS-8000GSF and MVS-6000 MVS-8000GSF MVS-6000 General Unit Size 4RU (+DME 2RU) Format 1080i/59.94,50 1080i/60 1080PsF/30, 29.97,25,24,23.98 720P/59.94,50 480i/59.94, 576i/50 1080P/59.94 (Dual Link) M/E Configuration M/E Number 1,1.5,2,2.5 1,1.5,2,2.5 Input, Output Input 17,34 15,32,49 Output 12,24 Monitor Output M/E Capability...
  • Page 21 MVS-8000GSF MVS-6000 Keyer Max Keyer Number with DSK Key Border on M/E Key Border Matte or Utility Matte Key Mask Main + Sub Main 4 (2D) (2.5D Future Support) Max Resizer CH per Unit 8 (2D) Resizer DME Wipe Internal DME Wipe...
  • Page 22: Operational Notes

    However, the number of actual buttons for region selection is not enough for more than 3M/E and 4CH DME. Consequently we recommend CCP-6324 and CCP-6224 panels for MVS-6000 systems and only MVS-8000 systems that do not require more than 3 M/E or 4CH DME.
  • Page 23: Specifications

    Specifications MVS-6000 Processor Dimensions MVS-6000 Width: 482 mm (19 inches) Height: 176 mm (7 inches) Depth: 520 mm (20 1/2 inches) Weight: 26 Kg (57 lb 5oz) (fully loaded) Environment Power Requirement AC100V to 240V +/-10% 50/60Hz Power Consumption 7 to 3A...
  • Page 24: Mks-6470 Dme Board Set

    Control Control LAN RJ-45 x 1, 100BASE-TX Data LAN RJ-45 x 1, 100BASE-TX Remote 1, 2 D-sub 9-pin, RS-422A D-sub 25-pin, TTL level inputs x 8,relay contact outputs x 4, open collector outputs x FM Data LAN RJ-45 x 1, 100BASE-TX FM Device Complies with IEEE 1394 Built-in DME...
  • Page 25: Mks-8010B System Control Unit

    MKS-8010B System Control Unit Dimensions Width: 440 mm (17 3/8 inches) Height: 44 mm (1 3/4 inches) Depth: 520 mm (20 1/2 inches) Weight: 9 Kg (19 lb 13 oz) Video inputs/outputs Ext Display High density D-sub 15pin x 1, Analog RGB interface Menu Display High density D-sub 15pin x 1, Analog RGB interface Reference...
  • Page 26: External View Of Mvs-6000

    External View of MVS-6000 26 | P a g e...
  • Page 27 27 | P a g e...
  • Page 28 28 | P a g e...
  • Page 29: External View Of Ccp-6224

    External View of CCP-6224 External View of CCP-6324 29 | P a g e...
  • Page 30: External View Of Mks-8010B

    External View of MKS-8010B 30 | P a g e...
  • Page 31: Switcher Glossary

    Track Ball Module or Joystick Module. More complicated and sophisticated effects are possible by combining multiple channels. Sony only refers to the function which enables 3D effects. For 2D effects, however, it is referred to as a Resizer, other companies also refer to 2D effects as DVE.
  • Page 32 The unit allows controlling external device (VTR or DDR etc) via a switcher. The Unit (DCU) Sony DCU also has tally / GPI connections. The MVS switcher is able to control the DCU via its dedicated device controller, called MKS-8036A which has jog dial time code display or it can be operated by the control panel trackball or joystick modules.
  • Page 33 - Linear Key - Color Vector Key - Chroma Key - Wipe Pattern Key - Key Wipe Pattern Key (Only supported by MVS-8000 series) Key Wipe Pattern One of key type. Put key fill in the wipe pattern that the key transition selects. A key is an effect in which a part of the background image is replaced by an image or superimposed text.
  • Page 34 PIE (Plug In A combination of hardware keyboard control and a software option for the Editor) switcher that allows powerful linear editing functionality and capabilities. This allows for quick and simple creation of programs without the need to importing material into a computer based editing package. Primary Input Input signal for the switcher.
  • Page 35 Wipe A transition from one video signal to another with a specific shape, pattern or line. 35 | P a g e...
  • Page 36: Mvs-6000 Processor Product Configuration

    MVS-6000 Processor Product Configuration Product Model Description Description MVS-6000 Multi-format Processor Standard: SDTV, 1M/E, 15 Inputs, 24 Outputs BZS-6300 Additional M/E Software (for CTO) 0 = 1M/E, 1 = 2M/E 0 = SDTV, BZS-6540M Multi-format Upgrade Software (for CTO) 1 = Multi-format for 1st M/E and Simple P/P...
  • Page 37: Model Number Summary

    MKS-9011A 1 M/E Control Panel MKS-9012A 2 M/E Control Panel ©2010 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. 37 | P a g e Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Features, and specifications are subject to change without notice.