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Operational Notes; Operation Without A Touch-Screen Menu; Multi Function Flexipad; Ccp-6324/6224: Aux Mode - Sony MVS-6000 User Manual

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Operational Notes

Operation without a Touch-Screen Menu

Large VGA display menu and mouse operation is comfortable. However adjustment like Keyer Clip
should be done usually while seeing actual program picture on a monitor. Mouse operation for this
kind of precise parameter adjustment is not ideal. The operational method using the knobs on the
Multi Function Flexi-Pad is recommended. If you install the menu less panel, please make sure this is
conveyed to your customer before order.

Multi Function FlexiPad

This module is very powerful for Snapshot, Effect, Wipe Snapshot, DME Wipe Snapshot, Shotbox and
Key Adjustment. Additionally modifier of Wipe and DME Wipe can also be operated and this is very
useful. However, the number of actual buttons for region selection is not enough for more than
3M/E and 4CH DME. Consequently we recommend CCP-6324 and CCP-6224 panels for MVS-6000
systems and only MVS-8000 systems that do not require more than 3 M/E or 4CH DME.

CCP-6324/6224: AUX Mode

On the M/E XPT Module, the AUX can be controlled when in AUX mode. This is very effective to
reduce the space required for panel, but if the mode is being changed often, depending on the
operational style of your customers, this may become frustrating. If you install CCP-6324/6224
panels please make sure your customer is aware of this before ordering.

Simple P/P

So far, some buttons on the panel and buttons on menu can be turned on even if Simple P/P does
not have this capability. With the V8.0 software, DSK3 and DSK4 buttons on Simple P/P are inhibited
and major buttons that are not supported on Simple P/P on menu are inhibited, but some minor
buttons on menu can be operated on Simple P/P. This is unlikely to cause any real issues but
operators need to be aware that there is a possibility not every button will be active for the simple
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