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Switcher Glossary - Sony MVS-6000 User Manual

Multi-fomat production switcher
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Switcher Glossary

Key Word
Alpha Channel
Refers to key source signal in CG.
Secondary data in the part of file.
In Frame Memory on MVS switcher, it is used as key source signal, which is
made out of original file with already-split Alpha Channel.
Auto Transition
Automatic Transition execution on the M/E or PGM/PST bank via a button
operation. (Not via manual Fader operation)
Auxiliary output, where a connector outputs a subsidiary signal to external
devices such as an external DVEs and monitors. In comparison Program Output
is used for On-air and finished package recording.
Ancillary data
Replayable data such as embedded audio, which is recorded into frame
memory clip with video.
Chroma key
A type of key. A key signal based on a particular color is used to cut out the
background, and the key fill is then inserted. The inserted signal is also referred
to as the foreground, and the composite image is called a chroma key image.
Clip Transition
One type of transition. Allows playback of a frame memory clip synchronizing
with a background transition, like mix and wipe.
Color Background
The dedicated generator that creates color signals. These can be used as color
backgrounds in video effects.
Color Corrector
Color correcting function for video signal.
Sony MVS Switcher supports Input process, Primary CCR, Secondary CCR, RGB
Clip, Luminance Process, YUV Clip as well as Spot CCR, which is unique.
Cross point
Circuit part that allows switching video input signal. Or, operational switching
buttons on the control panel.
Color Mix
Allows you to create a "mix color" signal, combining two different colors with a
pattern from a pattern generator, to be used to fill a background, border, and
so on. Also may be used to soften the border line.
DME (Digital
A feature name from Sony, generally called DVE (Digital Video Effects) outside
Multi Effects)
Sony. Provides 3D transformation like location, size, rotation and all the other
various special video effects using the Track Ball Module or Joystick Module.
More complicated and sophisticated effects are possible by combining multiple
channels. Sony only refers to the function which enables 3D effects. For 2D
effects, however, it is referred to as a Resizer, other companies also refer to 2D
effects as DVE.
DME Wipe
A DME wipe is a wipe transition that uses a DME effect to change from one
video image to the next. There are two types of DME wipe: those which can be
selected for a normal transition, and those which can be selected for an
independent key transition.
<Note> On the MVS-8000G, it is also possible to carry out a DME wipe on a key
using the resizer.
DME Wipe Snap
Snapshot and save a DME wipe pattern together with the current settings of its
modifiers and pattern limit, ether in a flexipad module or 10 key module with a
dedicated register for recall when required. There are 99 DME wipe snapshot
registers for each of the M/E and P/P banks.
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