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Product Concept - Sony MVS-6000 User Manual

Multi-fomat production switcher
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Product Concept

Since its launch the MVS series multi-format production switchers have become one of the global
leaders with over 2000 units being sold worldwide.
The MVS-8000 series was updated with the release in 1997 of the MVS-8000G and it added "resizer"
and "internal format converter" functions to the powerful feature set of the previous MVS-8000A
series. In addition to the MVS-8000G, we also have the standard definition DVS-9000 series
production switcher.
As customers make the move to high definition operations the ability for products to natively
support HD or be able to be easily upgraded to HD is now essential. Previously HD operations have
only been considered by high end customers who demanded the most power systems available.
Now with the rapid adoption of HD, customers from all market segments require production
switchers with HD capabilities and a powerful feature set.
To meet this market segment who demand powerful features but have limited budgets we are
proud to add the MVS-6000 multi-format production switcher to the MVS family.
The MVS-6000 series is designed to target customers who are looking for the renowned reliability
and industry standard operation of the MVS-8000G series but who are restricted in their available
budgets. By introducing the MVS-6000 with a powerful feature set and a competitive price, we will
be able to target new market segments.
With the powerful line-up of MVS-6000, MVS-8000GSF, MVS-8000G, and MFS-2000, Sony has a
switcher solution for almost every application.
Customers traditionally purchase switcher systems as part of a larger project for either new facilities
or the upgrade of existing systems. To provide complete solutions for these customers we have also
introduced two new cost effective camera systems that make the perfect partner to the MVS-6000.
The HSC-300 and HXC-100 cameras are high performance HD capable models that also target
customers who are looking for cost effective solutions for their facilities.
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