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Positioning Within Lineup; Why Choose Mvs-8000Gsf Vs. Mvs-6000 - Sony MVS-6000 User Manual

Multi-fomat production switcher
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Positioning Within Lineup

The MVS-6000 is a new model and does not replace any unit within the Sony switcher line-up. The
current MVS-8000G, MVS-8000GSF, and MFS-2000 units are ongoing models.
The following model list shows the general positioning within the lineup:

Why choose MVS-8000GSF vs. MVS-6000

On the surface both the MVS-8000GSF and MVS-6000 seem to have similar features and it may not
be clear when to select one model above the other. Below are some feature differences between
the two models and a guideline when to select one model over the other.
Suitable for high-end productions or edit suite and for TDs that need more advanced
128 Wipe Patterns (Standard/Enhance/Rotary/Mosaic/Dust/Random)
Every Keyers have Resizer, Every Keyers have Border, Main and Sub Key Masks
2 Utility Buses, Utility Bus for Key Border Fill, 2 Color Backgrounds,
6 Outputs from M/E, Multi Program 2 (Split M/E)
16CH Format Converters for inputs
Multi processor configuration of 4 Control Panels and 2 Switcher Processors
1080psf is supported
Suitable for more simple productions and for TDs who like easy operation
Compact size control panel with Multi Function Flexi-pad
Internal DME is supported. External DME unit is not required.
Optional 8 Monitor outputs for routing sources to VEs
8CH format converter for Inputs
Multi processor configuration of 4 Control Panels and single Switcher processor
1080psf is not supported
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