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Sony MVS-6000 User Manual page 33

Multi-fomat production switcher
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- Linear Key
- Color Vector Key
- Chroma Key
- Wipe Pattern Key
- Key Wipe Pattern Key (Only supported by MVS-8000 series)
Key Wipe Pattern
One of key type. Put key fill in the wipe pattern that the key transition selects.
A key is an effect in which a part of the background image is replaced by an
image or superimposed text. The signal determining how the background is cut
out is termed "key source," and the signal that replaces the cut-out part is
termed "key fill." The system component responsible for processing a key is
referred to as a keyer.
Each M/E bank and the PGM/PST bank on a MVS series switcher has four
The system component responsible for processing a key.
Refers to the function on the control panel that allows you to recall a series of
selections when required to automatically execute the same sequence of
operations. To record menu operations in memory, use a menu macro.
0.5M/E (Simple
See Simple P/P Software.
PP, Half M/E)
Mix/Effect block. The part of hardware or control panel /operational function
that switches video signal.
M/E bank display
This indicates the notional mix/effect bank name to which the particular M/E or
PGM/PST bank is assigned, as a four-character identifier.
Non Additive Mix
One of transition type. The current and new video signals are compared, and
the signal with the higher luminance level is given priority in the output. The
current video is maintained at 100% output for the first half of the transition as
the new video increases progressively to 100%, and then the current video is
progressively reduced from 100% to zero in the second half while the new
video is maintained at 100%.
If the fader lever is stopped in the middle of transition, when the transition is
completed by the Auto Transition Button, the fader position and transition is
not synchronized. This situation is referred to as Non-Synchronized and the LED
on the top and bottom beside the fader lever are lit.
Next Transition
To execute a transition, it is first necessary to decide how the image will be
changed as a result of the transition. This selection is carried out using the next
transition selection buttons in the transition control block of each M/E or
PGM/PST bank.
P/P (Program Pre-
The last output row in M/E rows, which is used at on-air.
set, PGM/PST
Pattern mix
Allows to create new pattern combining selected two patterns (main and sub)
- Mix
- Positive Nam (+NAM)
- Negative Nam(-NAM)
- Morphing
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