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E To 2.5M/E Support; The 2.5D Resizer And 3D Dme; Powerful Frame Memory And Clip Capability; Partner With Sony Automation And New Hsc/Hxc Series Cameras - Sony MVS-6000 User Manual

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CCP-6324 :
* CCP-6224 and CCP-6324 always require the SCU (MKS-8010B). If you are adding an internal module
to the CCP-6324 panel, this must be ordered as a separate item and then fitted by the sales company
or end user.
3) 1M/E to 2.5M/E Support
The unit is able to be set-up in 1M/E, 1.5M/E, 2M/E and 2.5M/E configurations. As customers may
wish to expand their system at a later stage, from 1 to 2 M/E for example, their future plans should
be taken into consideration when selecting panels.

4) The 2.5D Resizer and 3D DME

The standard supplied 2.5D resizer and internal 3D DME option enhance production capability,
which enables to configure the system without the MVE-8000A. In the initial version release, 2D is
supported. However, in the future version, 2.5D will be supported. The 3D DME is not provided as
standard but customers requiring these features have the choice of an internal DME or the external
MVE-8000A or MVE-9000 units.

5) Powerful frame memory and clip capability

The clip transition and clip playback/recording with time code control functions can produce the
latest style effects that have become extremely popular with the MVS-8000G.

6) Partner with Sony Automation and new HSC/HXC series cameras

By combining the MVS-6000 with the Sony ELC automation system (ELC-MVS01) cost effective news
production is able to be realized. The new HSC-300 and HXC-100 camera systems are the perfect
companions to the MVS-6000, allowing very cost effective solutions to be configured to customer's
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USB/Memory Stick Module or
other modules can be
mounted by end user



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