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Executive Summary - Sony MVS-6000 User Manual

Multi-fomat production switcher
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Executive Summary

We are proud to introduce a new member to the innovative MVS family of multi-format production
switchers. The MVS-6000 multi-format production switcher joins the renowned MVS-8000 series and
provides a powerful yet cost effective solution for customers who are upgrading existing or adding
new facilities.
The MVS-6000 is available in 1 to 2.5 M/E configurations, in a compact 4RU frame, with up to 49
inputs and a choice of different control surfaces. The unit maintains the same operational method as
the MVS and DVS series switchers so customers and operators who have experience with these units
can operate the new model with minimal training.
The majority of the powerful features that are available on the MVS-8000G series are also found on
the MVS-6000, including resizers, keyers, macros, clip transitions, extensive frame memory and
device control capabilities. In addition to these features the MVS-6000 has a two channel internal
DME option as well as the ability to use the same MVE-8000A and MVE-9000 DME units that are
used with the MVS-8000G. Like the MVS-8000G the MVS-6000 is also available in a standard
definition configuration with ability to upgrade to HD via a simple software update.
Customers have a choice of different control options with the MVS-6000. In addition to the
established and industry acclaimed CCP-8000 and CCP-9000 control panels used with the MVS-8000
and DVS-9000 series, there is now two new fixed configuration control panel choices, the CCP-6224
and the CCP-6324 panels. These new panels can also be utilized with the MVS-8000G series
switchers. As customers have come to expect from Sony, the MVS-6000 is also able to have multiple
panels connected to increase the flexibility of the system and tailor it to specific customer needs.
The MVS-6000 can also be combined with the Sony ELC news automation software to allow users to
reduce their manpower requirements and cost effectively produce news bulletins. Another perfect
companion for the MVS-6000 is the new high definition HSC-300 and HXC-100 cameras that combine
high performance with cost effective pricing that allows for economical solutions to be designed to
meet customers' requirements.
In summary the MVS-6000 is a cost effective multi-format production switcher that builds upon the
world renowned reliability and power of the MVS-8000 series. The MVS-6000 has a wide choice of
control surfaces and is provided in an efficient and compact processor frame.
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