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Care And Cleaning - Kenwood CP706 Instruction Manual

Kenwood slow cooker instructions manual
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5 Do not lift the lid more than
necessary during cooking as this
will cause loss of heat and
evaporation of liquid. It may be
necessary depending upon how
often the lid is removed and for how
long, to allow an extra 20 minutes
to half an hour cooking time.
6 Cooking always takes place in the
cooking pot. Never place food
directly into the base unit.
7 Never plunge the hot cooking pot
into cold water immediately after
use or pour boiling water into an
empty cold cooking pot. Subjecting
it to a sudden change in
temperature could cause it to crack.
8 After several months of use the
glaze on the cooking pot may
become crackled: this is common
with glazed stoneware and will not
affect the efficiency of the slow
9 If you are adapting recipes from
conventional cooking you may need
to reduce the amount of liquid
used. In slow cooking liquid does
not evaporate as quickly as with
conventional cooking although a
certain amount of liquid is
necessary to help the transfer of
10 Never fill the slow cooker more than
11 Milk products, including cream,
sour cream and yoghurt, should be
added towards the end of cooking
to help combat any curdling that
might take place.
12 Frozen vegetables such as peas
should be thawed and added
during the last
cooking. This will ensure retention
of colour and texture in the
vegetables and temperature within
the pot.
13 Best results are achieved when the
ingredients are covered in liquid.
14 Trim excess fat from meat.
to 1 hour of
15 When cooking whole joints make
sure they fit comfortably into the
cooking pot and always add liquid.
Turn part way through the cooking
16 Using hot stock will speed up the
cooking process.
17 To thicken gravy etc., mix some
cornflour with a little cold water to
form a smooth paste. Add the
mixture to the cooking pot towards
the end of the cooking time. Cover
and cook for additional time until
the juices are bubbling and
18 Please note that some spitting
around the lid may occur.

care and cleaning

Always switch off, unplug and allow
the appliance to cool before
base unit
Wipe the outside of the slow cooker
with a damp cloth and then dry.
Never immerse the base unit in
lid, cooking pot
Wash in warm soapy water, rinse
and then dry thoroughly. Food that
has stuck to the inside of the bowl
can be removed with the aid of a
soft bristled brush.
The cooking pot and lid can be
washed in the dishwasher
service and customer
If the cord is damaged it must, for
safety reasons, be replaced by
KENWOOD or an authorised
KENWOOD repairer.
If you need help with:
using your appliance or
servicing or repairs
Contact the shop where you bought
your slow cooker.

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Table of Contents

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