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Pausing Or Restarting The Washer; Stopping The Washer; Changing Cycles, Modifiers, And Options - Kenmore Oasis HE 110.2806 Series Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
Load evenly to maintain washer balance. Mix large and
small items.
For best performance, load garments in loose heaps
evenly around the basket wall. Do not load above the
stainless steel portion of the basket, as shown.
2. Pour measured powdered or liquid High Efficiency (HE)
detergent into the detergent dispenser. Do not put detergent
directly into the wash tub or onto clothes in the washer.
3. Add liquid chlorine bleach to the bleach dispenser, if needed.
Chlorine bleach is automatically dispensed at the proper time
during the wash cycle.
Do not overfill. Do not dilute. Do not use more than 1 cup
(250 ml) for a full load. Use less with a smaller load size.
Follow the garment and chlorine bleach manufacturer's
directions for proper use.
To avoid spilling, use a cup with a pouring spout. Do not
let bleach splash, drip, or run down into the washer
At the end of the cycle, a small amount of water may be
left in the dispenser. This is normal.
4. Pour measured liquid fabric softener into the fabric softener
dispenser, if desired.
If you are using fabric softener, be sure to select Fabric
Softener from the options to assure proper dispensing.
Do not overfill. Do not dilute. The dispenser holds 3 oz
(94 mL), or a capful of fabric softener.
The fabric softener is dispensed in the rinse cycle. If 2nd
Rinse is selected, the fabric softener will be dispensed
during the 2nd Rinse.
Do not use fabric softener dispensing balls in this washer.
Dispensing balls will not operate correctly with this
Do not spill or drip any fabric softener onto the clothes.
At the end of the cycle, a small amount of water may be
left in the dispenser. This is normal.
NOTE: Use only liquid fabric softener in this dispenser.
5. Close the washer lid.
6. Press POWER. This turns on the washer display.
7. Select a Wash Cycle. See "Cycles."
8. Adjust the Modifiers, if desired. See "Modifiers."
9. Select desired Options. See "Options."
10. Select Delay Start, if desired. See "Delay Start" in the
"Modifiers" section.
11. Press START. The wash cycle begins, and the display shows
the estimated remaining time. The lid will lock.
NOTE: If you do not press Start within 5 minutes of pressing
Power, the washer automatically shuts off.

Pausing or Restarting the Washer

Add A Garment
You can place additional clothing in the wash when the "Add A
Garment" status light is glowing without sacrificing wash
To add a garment or pause the washer at any time
1. Press STOP once.
2. Wait until the Lid Lock light turns off, then open the lid.
3. Add items.
To restart the washer
1. Close the lid and press START.
2. To unlock the lid after the Add A Garment period, press STOP
once. Pressing STOP twice will cancel the wash cycle.

Stopping the Washer

You can stop the wash cycle and drain the tub by pressing the
STOP button twice or the POWER button once.

Changing Cycles, Modifiers, and Options

You can change Cycles, Modifiers, and Options anytime before
Start is pressed. Not all Modifiers and Options are available for all
A short tone sounds when a change is selected.
Three short tones sound if an unavailable combination is
selected. The last selection will not be accepted.
Changing Cycles during the wash cycle
1. Press STOP twice to cancel the cycle. The washer will drain.
2. Press POWER.
3. Select the desired wash cycle.
4. Select the desired Modifiers and Options.
5. Press START.
The washer restarts at the beginning of the new cycle.
NOTE: If you do not press Start within 5 minutes of pausing the
washer, the washer automatically shuts off.

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Table of Contents

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