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Refrigerator Features - Kenmore Refrigerator Owner's Manual

Kenmore refrigerator user manual
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Adjustable Cantilever Glass Shelves.
These shelves attach to metal tracks in
the back of the interior.To remove, tap
upwards at rear of shelf hooks. Lift shelf
and pull out. To install, tilt shelf and
engage upper hooks in desired track
slots. Lower shelf front and tap down-
wards near the tracks until shelf hooks
are securely seated and shelf is level.
To Avoid Personal Injury Or Prop-
erty Damage test for proper instal-
lation by exerting some pressure
downward on the front edge. Shelf
should not move.
The Meat Storage Drawer -- and
shelf to which it attaches -- can be relo-
cated within the Fresh Food compart-
ment. The sealed drawer retains high
humidity for convenient storage of
unwrapped meats, cheese, bacon, hors
d'oeuvres, spreads and snacks.
Drawers stop before coming all the
way out, to help prevent contents from
spilling onto the floor. Drawers can be
removed easily by tilting up slightly and
pulling past "stop" location.
To remove the crisper drawer when the
fresh food compartment door cannot be
opened fully, first, remove food and the
lower door shelves. Empty the drawers
and remove them. Then lift the drawer
cover up and out.
Nice 'N Fresh Drawers have a control
to regulate humidity inside. Set high
humidity for leafy vegetables such as
cabbage and lettuce, and set low
humidity for produce with skins such as
apples and tomatoes.
Slide to the left for high humidity and to
the right for low humidity.
Crisper Drawers can be pulled out fully,
even when door is opened at minimum
of 90 ° angle.

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