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Save Energy; Before Calling For Service - Kenmore Refrigerator Owner's Manual

Kenmore refrigerator user manual
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To guard against possible
water damage. Ifthe refrigerator
will be unattended, raise the ice
maker wire shut off arm and close
the water shut off valve for the
Remove the compressor compart-
ment cover from the bottom rear of
the refrigerator to reveal the water
valve coupling. Place a small con-
tainer under the valve to catch water
spills. Remove the brass hose fitting
from the valve. Label the two plastic
tubes attached to the valve. Unscrew
the compression nuts from the tubes
and push the ends of the tubes away
from their valve fittings.
Blow the water out of the water dis-
penser plastic tubing with com-
pressed air.
You Can Help
Your New RefrigeratodFreezer is
designed to operate efficiently You can
help reduce energy consumption by fo!-
lowing these suggestions:
Power Miser Control. This control reg-
ulates special heaters that help reduce
condensation during periods of high
humidity. Reduce energy consumption
by setting the control according to cur-
rent climatic conditions.
Controls. Set the freezer and refrigera-
tor controls so the compartments are
not colder than recommended. See
page 11 for details.
Doors. Make sure the door gaskets do
not become blocked, dirty or worn. Air
leaks will cause the unit to operate more
Location. Installthe unit away from
heating equipment or direct sunlight.
Keep the Condenser Coil Clean. A
dirty condenser coil will cause the unit
to operate more than necessary See
Care and Cleaning section.
For Service
Unnecessary service calls may be
avoided by checking for the following
common sources of difficulty The fol-
lowing items are considered customer
replaceable: defrost drain pan, door and
cabinet shelves and drawers, butter
dish, light bulbs, egg bucket, and
If product does not appear to be
• Does the light work? A dim light indi-
cates low voltage or a weak bulb.
• Is cord plugged in?
• Is a fuse or circuit breaker open?
Check by plugging in another
appliance or lamp at the same wall
• Has either of the doors been left
open? Make certain food items stored
within the refrigerator are not obstruct-
ing proper door closure. Check level-
ing of unit. (See page 5.)
If the lights work and the freezer con-
trol is on, but the fan and compressor
are not operating, the unit is likely in
the defrost cycle. Wait 30 minutes to
see if the unit will restart. If it does
not, remove the toe grille. The defrost
timer is located behind the grille. Turn
the timer knob clockwise until you
hear a click. The refrigerator should
begin running.
If the unit still won't operate:
• Be sure you have completed the
steps listed above.
• Take the steps necessary to preserve
the food stored in the unit. Dry ice
may be placed in the freezer section
of the unit to preserve food until the
unit can be serviced. Doors should be
left closed until the unit has been
• Call your nearest authorized service

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