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Other Features; Sounds - Kenmore Refrigerator Owner's Manual

Kenmore refrigerator user manual
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The freezer and refrigerator sections are
completely frost-free. The evaporator
coil in the back wall of the freezer sec-
tion collects the frost. Under normal
operating conditions, you'll never have
to defrost the unit, because it's
Air to cool the condenser is drawn in the
grille, at the bottom front, passes over
the condenser, and is then exhausted
through the same grille. Therefore, the
unit is designed to be enclosed com-
pletely at the top, back and sides for the
total built-in look. Do not block airflow
through the toe grille at bottom front
of unit.
Your new unit may be replacing a
smaller refrigerator of different design
and/or a product which operated less
efficiently. We have taken steps in prod-
uct design and operation which will con-
tinue to provide our customers the
highest quality product, one which is
energy efficient and operates as eco-
nomically as possible. With this new
design, you may hear sounds which are
unfamiliar to you, yet quite normal.
Polyurethane foam insulation, while a
much better insulator, does not have the
sound-absorbing characteristic of
fiberglass insulation. Sounds may be
amplified further by the wall and/or floor
acting as a sounding board.
Because your product is designed to
provide greater efficiency, the com-
pressor operates at a much higher
speed than previously. This results in a
high speed hum which will be more
noticeable than the sound produced by
a slower speed compressor. In addition,
the compressor's increased torque may
cause some vibration during start up or
shut down of the unit.
The refrigerant flowing through the
refrigeration tubing may create "water
running" or "gurgling" sounds during
operation and shortly after shut down.
You may also hear the ice falling out of
the automatic Ice Maker or the activa-
tion of the water solenoid valve during
an ice making cycle.
Periodically, your refrigerator will auto-
matically defrost. When this happens,
you may hear "dripping water" and
"sizzling" sounds.
None of these sounds are unusual, and
will soon become familiar. They indicate
the unit is operating and performing as

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