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Operating Ice And Water Dispenser - Kenmore Refrigerator Owner's Manual

Kenmore refrigerator user manual
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Ice and
To Avoid the Possibility of Per-
sonal Injury, Never Attempt to
Operate the Ice Dispenser with
the Door Open.
Separate dispenser bars control the
release of ice cubes and water. They are
located in a recessed alcove for safety
and convenience. The dispenser bars
are sculptured to fit the contours of an
ordinary drinking glass. Depress the
appropriate dispenser bar to activate
the dispensing mechanism.
Small spills will be caught in the sump
area below the dispenser. The sump
cover grille is easily removed for
NOTE: There is no drain in the sump
so water should not purposely be
poured into it.
Do not add ice to ice bin.
Do not try to speed ice dispensing by
adding cubes of ice that you may have
purchased or made in some other way
The unit has been "matched" to the
automatic ice maker and will not oper-
ate properly with different shaped or
sized cubes.
Water taste and odor.
There are many variables which can
affect the taste and odor properties of
the water that is being dispensed from
your Ice and Water model such as:
1. Iron and other mineral deposits nor-
mally found in water.
2. Type of tubing (copper, galvanized,
plastic, etc.) used in the household
water supply system, as well as the
type of tubing used to connect your
unit to your household water supply
3. Is the water "fresh" or has it been
left standing unused in the storage
reservoir and/or water supply line for
any length of time?
To minimize taste and odor problems, it
is recommended that the following
steps be taken:
1. Thoroughly rinse out the system after
it has been connected to the house-
hold water supply This can be
accomplished by throwing away the
first 10-14 eight-ounce glasses of
water that are obtained from the unit.
2. If the water dispensing system is not
used frequently, the entire water res-
ervoir and system should be flushed.
This will ensure a fresh supply of
water at all times.
If the above suggestions do not
entirely eliminate an undesirable
taste or odor condition in your water,
your problem is most likely a water
problem. It is recommended that you
contact your local water treatment
company for its specialized kind of
help in solving your problem.
To operate, press glass against the
water dispenser bar. Releasing pres-
sure shuts the water off.
After the unit is connected to an active
household cold water line, it is advisable
to fill and throw out the first 10-14
glasses of water. This will cleanse the
lines of impurities.
The Water
The water reservoir is located in the
refrigerator behind the crisper pan. The
water line to the dispenser bar is routed
in a special way to prevent freeze-ups.
The water dispensing lever energizes
the water line solenoid valve to add
water to the water reservoir.
The water is forced by household water
pressure through the tubing and out the
water dispenser.

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