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Seagull Models EDGE 540 Instruction Manual

Seagull Models EDGE 540 Instruction Manual

Seagull models
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D) Check the rudder. Looking from be-
hind the airplane, move the rudder stick to the
right. The rudder should move to the right. If it
does not, flip the servo reversing switch on
your transmitter to change the direction.
E) Check the throttle. Moving the throttle
stick forward should open the carburetor bar-
rel. If it does not, flip the servo reversing switch
on your transmitter to change the direction.
F) From behind the airplane, look at the
aileron on the right wing half. Move the aileron
stick to the right. The right aileron should move
up and the other aileron should move down. If
it does not, flip the servo reversing switch on
your transmitter to change the direction.
and receiver batteries before your first day of
in the EDGE 540 to ensure that everything is
tight and well bonded.
plane. Do this with the fuel tank empty.
move in the correct direction and not bind in
any way.
with dual rate switches double check that they
are on the low rate setting for your first few
are moving the proper amount for both low
and high rate settings.
be fully extended and not coiled up inside the
of balance propeller will cause excessive vi-
bration which could lead to engine and/or air-
frame failure.
able flights with your EDGE 540.
1) Completely charge your transmitter
2) Check every bolt and every glue joint
3) Double check the balance of the air-
4) Check the control surfaces. All should
5) If your radio transmitter is equipped
6) Check to ensure the control surfaces
7) Check the receiver antenna. It should
8) Properly balance the propeller. An out
We wish you many safe and enjoy-


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Summary of Contents for Seagull Models EDGE 540

  • Page 1 2) Check every bolt and every glue joint E) Check the throttle. Moving the throttle in the EDGE 540 to ensure that everything is tight and well bonded. stick forward should open the carburetor bar- rel.
  • Page 2: Control Throws

    Instruction Manual CONTROL THROWS. Wing bolt. We highly recommend setting up the EDGE 540 using the control throws listed at right. We have listed control throws for both Low Rate (initial test flying/sport flying) and High Rate (aerobatic flying). Turn on the radio system, and with the...
  • Page 3 2) Using a pen, mark the locations of the two mounting screws. Remove the tail wheel Tie wrap. bracket and drill 1mm pilot holes at the loca- Tie wrap. tions marked. Receiver. 3) Secure the tail wheel bracket in place using two 3x10mm wood screws.
  • Page 4: Instruction Manual

    EDGE 540 Instruction Manual INSTALLING TAIL STRUT SYSTEM. The tail strut system assembly follow pictures below. 3x10mm. Alumium trap. Alumium trap. 3x10cm(2pcs). Plastic clip. Turnbuckle. 63mm. MOUNTING THE TAIL WHEEL. 1) Set the tail wheel assembly in place on the plywood plate. The pivot point of the tail...
  • Page 5 Elevator pushrod. Control horn. Elevator control horn. Clevis. Rudder pushrod. Right side. Left side. Elevator pushrod. Rudder control horn. Elevator Rudder pushrod. control horn. Elevator pushrod. Elevator. Rudder. Elevator. Throttle. ELEVATOR - RUDDER PUSHROD INSTALLATION. 1) Thread one clevis and M2 lock nut on to each elevator control rod.
  • Page 6 EDGE 540 Instruction Manual M2 lock nut. Wing bottom. Repeat the procedure for the other wing. ELEVATOR - RUDDER CONTROL HORN M3 lock nut. M3 control horn. INSTALLATION. M3 nut. 1) Install the elevator control horn using the same method as with the aileron control horns.
  • Page 7: Aileron Control Horn Installation Aileron electric. Plastic tape. Repeat the procedure for orther wing Secure the servos with the screws pro- haft. vided with your radio system. AILERON CONTROL HORN INSTALLATION 2 sets. 3x40mm. Wing bottom. 1) Aileron control horn: Mix a small amount of 30 minute epoxy and lightly coat the inside of the hole in the aileron and the control horn screw.
  • Page 8: Installing The Aileron Servos

    EDGE 540 Instruction Manual When cutting through the covering to re- INSTALLING THE AILERON SERVOS. move it, cut with only enough pressure to only cut through the covering itself. Cutting Small weight. into the balsa structure may weaken it. 5) Slide the vertical stabilizer back in place.
  • Page 9: Vertical Stabilizer Installation After the epoxy has fully cured, re- 2) Slide the vertical stabilizer into the slot move the masking tape or T-pins used to hold in the top of the fuselage. The rear edge of the stabilizer in place. Carefully inspect the the stabilizer should be flush with the rear edge glue joints.
  • Page 10: Horizontal Stabilizer

    EDGE 540 Instruction Manual HORIZONTAL STABILIZER. 1) Using a ruler and a pen, locate the centerline of the horizontal stabilizer, at the trail- ing edge, and place a mark. Use a triangle and extend this mark, from back to front, across the top of the stabilizer.
  • Page 11: Installing The Spinner INSTALLING THE SPINNER. Install the spinner backplate, propeller and spinner cone. The propeller should not touch any part of the spinner cone. If it does, use a sharp modeling knife and carefully trim away Remove covering. the spinner cone where the propeller comes in contact with it.
  • Page 12: Cowling Installation

    EDGE 540 Instruction Manual COWLING INSTALLATION. 1) Slide the fiberglass cowl over the en- gine and line up the back edge of the cowl with the marks you made on the fuselage then trim 1.5mm wire (needle valve). and cut.
  • Page 13: Mounting The Engine 1.5mm. 4x20mm. 5) Bolt the engine to the engine mount using the four machine screws. Double check that all the screws are tight before proceeding. MOUNTING THE ENGINE. 6) Attach the Z-Bend in the pushrod wire to 1) Install the pushrod housing through the the throttle arm on the carburetor.
  • Page 14: Installing The Main Landing Gear

    EDGE 540 Instruction Manual 3) You have to trim each axle using a tool cutting and cut-off wheel. Caution when cutting the axles and wear protective goggles. 46mm (2) Washer. (2) Wheel Collar. Axle. Nut. Wheel. Nut. 4) A drop of C/A glue on the wheel collar screws will help keep them from coming lose during operation.
  • Page 15: Fuel Tank Installation FUEL TANK INSTALLATION. Attach the silicone fuel and pressure pipes to the tank. The lower pipe is the ‘feed’ and the upper two the ‘pressure and fill’. The fill pipe is the next pipe. Plastic tape. 2) Follow diagram below for wheel pant You should mark which tube is the vent installation: and which is the fuel pickup when you...
  • Page 16: Installing The Stopper Assembly

    EDGE 540 Instruction Manual Vent tube. Fuel pick up tube. INSTALLING THE STOPPER ASSEMBLY. 1) Using a modeling knife, carefully cut Fuel fill tube. off the rear portion of one of the 3 nylon tubes leaving 1/2” protruding from the rear of the Carefully use a lighter or heat gun to stopper.
  • Page 17: Hinging The Rudder 6) Using C/A remover/debonder and a Installing the turnbuckle for tail strut of hori- paper towel, remove any excess C/A glue that zontal fin as same as pictures below. may have accumulated on the wing or in the Tail fin bottom. aileron hinge area.
  • Page 18: Hinging The Ailerons

    EDGE 540 Instruction Manual HINGING THE AILERONS. T-pin. Note: The control surfaces, including the ailerons, elevators, and rudder, are prehinged with hinges installed, but the hinges are not glued in place. It is imperative that you properly adhere the hinges in place per the steps that follow using a high-quality thin C/A glue.
  • Page 19 This will ensure proper as- sembly as the EDGE 540 is made from natural materials and minor ad- justments may have to be made. The paint and plastic parts used in this kit are fuel proof.
  • Page 20 . Flying the EDGE 540 is simply a joy. This instruction manual is designed to help you build a great flying aeroplane. Please read this manual thoroughly before starting assembly of your EDGE 540. Use the parts listing below to identify all parts.
  • Page 21: Assembly Manual

    ASSEMBLY MANUAL MS: 60 Specifications Wingspan------------------------------------------- 59 in---------------------------- 150cm. Wing area------------------------------------- 645 42 Approximate flying weight--------------- 5.7-6.4lbs----------------------- 2.6-2.9kg. Length------------------------------------------------ 50 in--------------------------- 128cm. Recommended engine size--------- .46-.55 2-stroke. .72 4-stroke. Radio System required 4 channels with 6 servos. Flying skill level Intermediate/advanced.

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