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Main page

This is the page you see when you turn the instrument on.
To access this page from another operating mode, press the
STYLE PLAY button.
To return to this page from one of the Style Play edit pages, press
the EXIT button.
Style area
Page header
STS area
Details on individual tracks can be seen by pressing the Vol-
ume tab. Use the TRACK SELECT button to switch between
Normal view (Keyboard tracks, grouped Style tracks) and
Style view (individual Style tracks). (See "Volume panel"
starting from page 91 ).
Page header
This line shows the current operating mode, transposition and
recognized chord.
Operating mode
Master Transpose (in
Operating mode name
Name of the current operating mode.
Master transpose
Master transpose value in semitones. This value can be changed
by using the TRANSPOSE buttons on the control panel.
Note: Transpose may automatically change when selecting a differ-
ent Performance or Style. It may also change when loading a Stan-
dard MIDI File generated with an instrument of the Korg Pa-
To avoid transposition, the Master Transpose is "locked" by
default. If you want to unlock it, change the Master Transpose
Lock parameter's status (see "General Controls: Lock" on
page 149).
tracks area
Page menu icon
Recognized chord
Recognized chord
Displays the recognized chord, when you play a chord on the
keyboard. If no chord abbreviation is shown, check if the
ACCOMP LED is turned on.
You can choose how chords are recognized by using the "Chord
Recognition" parameter in the Global > Style page (see
page 152).
Page menu icon
Touch the page menu icon to open the menu. See "Page menu"
on page 108 for more information.
Style area
This is where the Style name is shown, together with its Tempo
and Meter (Time Signature) parameters.
Style name
Style bank
Style Element meter
Style name
Currently selected Style. Touch the Style name (or press the
STYLE button in the SELECTION section) to open the Style
Select window.
Style bank
Bank the current Style belongs to.
Style Element meter
Meter (time signature) of the current Style Element.
Measure length/number
While the Style is playing, an 'M' appears, to show the current
measure number of the current Style Element playing. While it is
in stop, an 'L' appears, to show the length (total number of mea-
sures) of the current Style Element.
Current beat
Beat number currently playing.
Current Tempo
Metronome Tempo (from 30 to 250). Use the TEMPO buttons to
change the Tempo value.
As an alternative, keep the SHIFT button pressed and use the
VALUE DIAL to change the Tempo. Also, you can touch the
Tempo field and drag it with your finger, or change it with the
To recall the Tempo stored in the current Style, press the
TEMPO buttons together.
Style Play
Main page
Current beat
Measure length/number


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