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Korg Pa300 User Manual: Operative Modes; Selected, Highlighted Items; Non-available, Grayed-out Parameters

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Interface basics

Operative modes

Virtual knobs
To change a virtual knob's position, select it, then use the VALUE
dial to change its position. As an alternative, touch a knob with
your finger and keep it held; then move your fingers up (or
right) to rotate it clockwise, or move it down (or left) to rotate
the knob counter-clockwise.
Various icons help identifying the type of a file, a Song, a folder.
For example:
File of Style bank
Standard MIDI File
Operative modes
The pages of Pa300 are grouped in various operating modes.
Each mode is accessed by pressing the corresponding button in
the MODE section on the control panel.
Each operating mode is marked with a different color code, that
helps you understand at first sight where you are.
Two special modes (Global and Media) overlap the current
operating mode, that remains active in the background.
The Song Record mode can be accessed from the Sequencer
mode, and allows for creating new Songs.

Selected, highlighted items

Any operation on parameters, data or list entries, is executed on
highlighted items. First select the parameter or item, then exe-
cute the operation.

Non-available, grayed-out parameters

When a parameter or command is not currently available, it is
shown in grey on the display. This means it cannot be selected,
but may become available when a different option is selected, or
you switch to a different page.
Some commands or pages can be recalled by keeping the SHIFT
button pressed, and pressing other buttons or elements in the
display. Some others can be accessed by keeping a button pressed
for more than one second. See the "Shortcuts" chapter on page
"Shortcuts" on page 364 for a list of available shortcuts.


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