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DrumKit: Sample Setup (Drum Kits)
The pop-up menu is where you select the bank (ROM or LOC),
while the numeric field under it is for selecting the sample inside
the selected bank. The sample name appears on its right.
The sample you select for the current layer will be triggered by
velocities higher than the value of the "Velocity Switches"
parameter (see page 237). If you do not wish to use velocity
switching, assign just one layer to the selected key, and assign a
sample only to Layer 1.
The standard Factory bank. The Factory area of
the internal memory contains a series of different
multisamples (preset multisamples), supplied by
Korg as standard.
"Local" multisample bank. This bank only
appears in some models.
Note: If you create a new Sound based on a Local
multisample, the Sound will not play on a different
instrument, unless it also includes the same Local
Note: Each sample has an upper note range limit, and may not
produce sound when played above that limit.
Rev (Reverse)
The sample will be played in reverse. In the case of Factory or
Local samples that were originally specified to loop, the sample
will be played back in "one-shot" reverse mode. If the sample was
originally set to reverse, it will playback without change.
The sample will playback in reverse.
The sample will play back normally.
Ofs (Offset)
These parameters specify the point where the sample will begin
to play. For some samples this parameter will not be available.
The sound will start from the beginning of the
The sound will begin from the offset location
pre-determined for each sample.
The initial portion of the multisample is ignored.
Activates the Alternate Modulation Source (see
(Only works when more than one Offset point is
available in the multisample). Randomly selects
one of the available Offset points (including
Attack and Off).
AMS / Int(ensity)
(Only available when the AMS option is selected in the "Offset"
parameter.) Alternate Modulation Source for the Offset. See
"AMS (Alternate Modulation Source) list" on page 256.
When the "Intensity" parameter has a positive value, the selected
Offset point will depend on the AMS value. For example, if the
selected AMS is the Velocity, when playing softly you will select
the Off or 1st Offset, when playing loudly you will select the 6th
or No Attack Offset.
When the "Intensity" parameter has a negative value, the selec-
tion will happen in reverse (higher-numbered Offsets will be
selected before the lowest-numbered ones).
This parameter specifies the level of the sample. For more infor-
mation, see "Level" on page 233.
This parameter is an offset to the selected sample's EG Attack.
This parameter is an offset to the selected sample's EG Decay.
This parameter sets the cutoff frequency for the filter applied to
the selected sample.
This parameter sets the resonance for the filter applied to the
selected sample.
This parameter transposes the selected sample. Use it to change
the pitch of the selected key.
No transposition applied.
Transpose value in semitones.
Use this parameter to fine-tune the assigned sample.
Original tuning.
Fine-tuning value in cents (1/100 of a semitone).


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