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Mode Preferences: Media

Save Trk & FX
Touch this button to save the global parameters for the Song Play
When touching this button, you are saving the following param-
• Play/Mute status of the Song tracks
• Default effect settings
• EQ settings for the Song tracks
• Internal/External status of the Song tracks
Mode Preferences: Media
This page includes various settings for the Media mode.
Media Preferences
Media Protect
When on, this parameter protects the internal "KORG [KORG
DISK]" disk unit from writing.
Global Protect
When on, this parameter protects the global parameters from
changes when loading data from disk.
Note: Global data from other Pa-Series models are not loaded even
without protection.
Factory Style and Pad Protect
When On, this parameter protects the Factory Styles and Fac-
tory Pads (named "Hit", "Sequence" and "Local" in the Pad Select
window) from being overwritten when loading data from a
device. In addition, you cannot access these banks when saving
Also, when this option is checked, you cannot write any STS
(Single Touch Setting) or Style Settings onto the Factory Styles.
The "Write Single Touch Setting" and "Write Current Style Set-
tings" command in the page menu are greyed out and cannot be
selected. All original settings of the Factory Styles will be left
When Off, you can load User Styles or Pads into the Factory
Style banks and Factory Pad banks. This way, you can customize
your Factory Style and Pad banks. A Save All procedure also
saves the Favorite and User Style, and the User Pad banks.
Note: This parameter is automatically set to On when the instru-
ment enters standby.
Note: Should you accidentally delete some Factory Data, reload
the Backup data or use the Factory Restore procedure (Media >
Hide Unknown Files
When this option is checked, non-proprietary files are hidden
when using Media operations, therefore making browsing direc-
tories easier.
Show Columns
When checked, the Size column is shown in the File Selector
when using Media operations.
When checked, the Date column is shown in the File Selector
when using Media operations.


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