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Rename Favorite
Choose this command to edit the name of the Favorite Style
The assigned name can be spanned over two lines, by separating
them with the paragraph character (¶). For example, to write
"World Music" on two lines, enter "World¶Music".
Be careful not to write words exceeding the width of the side tabs
of the Style Select window.
Choose the Rename Favorite command.
Touch the
(Text Edit) symbol next to the bank to be
Use the virtual keyboard to edit the name.
When done, touch OK to confirm.
Select All (Bank)
Choose this command to select all items in the current bank.
You can deselect one of the selected items by touching it while
keeping the SHIFT button pressed. You can delete all by touch-
ing any single item.

Sound Select window

To open the Sound Select window, touch the Sound area whereas
it appears in the display, or the SOUND button in the SELEC-
TION section of the control panel.
Press EXIT to exit from this page and go back to the previous
page without choosing any Sound.
Sound sets
Side tabs (banks)
If more than five pages are
Lower tabs (pages)
available, the Previous/Next
tabs are shown in this area
Sound sets
Selected set of Sounds. Factory Sounds are the Sounds supplied
as standard. Legacy Sounds are Sounds compatible with older
Pa-Series models. GM are Drum Kits mapped according to the
General MIDI 2 or XG standards. User Sounds are custom-cre-
ated or edited Sounds.
Side tabs (banks)
Use these tabs to select a bank of Sounds.
Lower tabs (pages)
Use these tabs to select one of the available pages in the selected
Previous/Next tabs
Scroll the lower tabs to the left or the right, when additional tabs
are available but cannot be seen in the display.
Touch one of these buttons in the display to select a Sound.
Unless the "Display Hold" parameter (see page 148) is turned
on, the window automatically closes shortly after you select a
Program Change
Program Change number. Shown only when the "Show" param-
eter is turned on in Global mode. (See page 149).
Sound Select page menu
Touch the page menu icon to open the menu. Touch a command
to select it. Touch anywhere in the display to close the menu
without selecting a command.
The commands are the same seen for the Style Select window's
page menu, apart for a difference with the Delete command and
the "Edit Sound" command.
Choose this command to delete the selected Sound.
Select the Sound to be deleted. To select more items, keep
the SHIFT button pressed and touch all the item to be
selected for deleting. Hint: You can deselect one of the
selected items by touching it while still keeping the SHIFT
button pressed. You can deselect all by touching a single item.
Choose the Delete command, and confirm deletion. Warn-
ing: Unless you have a copy of it, the deleted item will be gone
Edit Sound
Choose this command to edit the selected Sound (see detailed
information in the "Sound Edit" chapter).
Selecting elements
Sound Select window


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