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Unpacking The Stove - Morso 7600 series Instructions For Installation And Use Manual


1.0 Installing your Morsø stove
1.1 Unpacking the stove
The Morsø 7600 stoves weigh between 130 and 160 kg. In order to avoid damage when un-
packing and assembling the stove, we recommend that this job be undertaken by 2 people.
Remove the top cover, which is lying loose, before lifting the combustion chamber off the
wooden pallet. Place the stove carefully in position, centrally on the base plate.
1.2 Installing the stove
National and local regulations regarding the installation of wood-burning stoves must be ob-
served, as must local regulations regarding chimney connections and chimney installation.
You may want to ask your chimney sweep for advice. However, it is you, your technical ad-
viser or workman, who is responsible for compliance with the applicable national and local
1.3 Chimney sweep
As stated, it may be wise to consult your local chimney sweep before installing the stove.
In any event, the chimney sweep must be notified once the wood-burning stove has been
installed. The chimney sweep will inspect the installation, and reach an agreement with you
regarding sweeping intervals. If your chimney has not been used for some time, it should be
inspected for cracks, bird nests, etc., before it is used.
1.4 Location of the stove/distance requirements
Distance requirements apply only if the stove is placed near flammable materials. Your new
stove can be positioned as specified on the authorisation sign on the back of the stove if the
walls are made of flammable material.
Minimum distances from flammable material:
Type of stove
Morsø 7600
uninsulated flue pipe
The floorprotector consist of 6 mm thick cement fibre sheet which had a thermal resistance
of 0,8 m²K/W, per 6 mm. thickness.
Behind the stove
30 mm
To the sides of the stove
300 mm
To furniture
1200 mm

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