Morso 7800 Series Instructions For Installation And Use Manual

Morso 7800 Series Instructions For Installation And Use Manual

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Instructions for installation and use
7800 & 7900
Designed by Monica Ritterband
Morsø 7840, 7843, 7848, 7850, 7870, 7890
Morsø 7940, 7943, 7948, 7950, 7970, 7990
EN 13240 · NS 3058-3059
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  • Page 1 Instructions for installation and use 7800 & 7900 Designed by Monica Ritterband Morsø 7840, 7843, 7848, 7850, 7870, 7890 Morsø 7940, 7943, 7948, 7950, 7970, 7990 EN 13240 · NS 3058-3059 MORSØ JERNSTØBERI A/S . DK-7900 NYKØBING MORS E-Mail: · Website:
  • Page 2 Enjoy your new Morsø stove! Morsø, the biggest stove company in the Danish market, has been making wood-burning stoves of the highest quality since 1853. Just follow the in- structions below, and we are certain that you will be able to use and enjoy your new stove for many years to come.
  • Page 3: Installing Your Morsø Stove

    1.0 Installing your Morsø stove 1.1 Unpacking the stove The cast-iron basic stove is supplied ready for fitting the selected pedestal and upper section. The Morsø 7800/7900 series weighs between 160 and 280 kg. To avoid damage during un- packing and assembling the stove, we recommend that two people carry out this work. Remove the cardboard packaging, then lift the cast-iron top plate which is lying loose off the stove before lifting the stove off the wooden pallet.
  • Page 4 Minimum distance to combustible material: Morsø 7800 Installation Stove type Distance A Distance B Distance C Distance front of stove Normal Morsø 7800 125 mm. 400 mm. 800 mm Parallel un-insulated pipe Normal Morsø 7800 50 mm. 400 mm. Parallel insulated pipe Corner Morsø...
  • Page 5 1.5 The chimney If local regulations permit, the stove may be connected to a chimney already serving anoth- er fireplace (such as an oil-burning stove or another wood-burning stove). Attention should be paid to any requirements concerning the location of flue pipes if two or more fireplaces are connected to the same chimney.
  • Page 6: Connecting The Flue Pipe

    1.6 Connecting the flue pipe Lift the upper cast iron top plate off the stove. Note: the round cast iron cover plate in the top plate must remain mounted if the stove is being installed with the flue pipe to the rear, but unscrewed from the upper top plate if the flue pipe is being installed pointing upwards.
  • Page 7 1.7 Connecting to a brick chimney Brick a flue bushing securely into the wall, and insert the flue pipe into it. The pipe must not extend into the actual chimney opening, but only to the inside of the chimney aperture. The joints between the stove/pipe and pipe/wall bushing must be sealed with the glass tape provided.
  • Page 8: Fresh Air Supply

    Morsø 7970 Rev. Revisions Be aware of the following: Title: Snit til vejle Dim. without indication of margin acc. to DS/ISO 2768-1 m Material: Discuss the cleaning options with your chimney sweep. Weight kg: Morsø 7900 Model no. If there is insufficient draught in the chimney, it may be a good idea to install Drawingtype: Location of file: the flue pipe straight up, so as to minimise smoke migration in the actual com-...
  • Page 9 1.9 Draught If smoke comes out of the stove when the fire door is opened, it will be due to the poor draught in the chimney. This type of stove requires at least 12 pa. of chimney draught to achieve satisfactory combustion, and to prevent smoke from escaping. Smoke may, how- ever, escape in any event, if the stove door is opened during very vigorous burning, so this should be avoided.
  • Page 10: Firing/Using The Stove

    2.0 Firing/using the stove Your stove is constructed with air inlets in three places. Pre-heated combustion air from beneath the grate. This combustion air should only be used during start-up and only if chimney conditions is bad or the fuel is a bit moist. The controller handle for this combustion air is placed on the back of the stove A second pre-heated, fast-moving combustion air is added to the fire above the glass win- dow, and is regulated using the handle above the door.
  • Page 11 2.1 Lighting and fuelling intervals A lot of air is needed when lighting the stove. If you are starting with a cold stove, the door should be left ajar for the first few minutes, and the combustion air supply opened to maxi- mum.
  • Page 12 5. If the condition in step 4 is met, place max. 2 pieces of wood with a total weight of 1.5-2 kg and a length of 25- 30 cm over the embers in a single layer, with a distance of approximately 1 cm. 6.
  • Page 13 Precaution with the use of Morso 7800/7900 in Smoke Control Areas The 7800/7900 has been recommended as suitable for use in smoke control areas when burning wood logs with less than 20% moisture.
  • Page 14 We would strongly recommend that you do not leave your stove alit at night. It harms the environment, and constitutes very poor use of the wood, as the gases in the wood do not ignite at the low temperature, but settle as soot (unburned gases) in the chimney and stove.
  • Page 15: Routine Stove Maintenance

    3.0 Routine stove maintenance 3.1 External maintenance The cast surface of the stove is painted with heat-resistant Senotherm paint. It is best maintained by simply vacuuming it with a soft brush attachment or wiping it down with a dry, dust-free cloth. If the stove is used too vigorously, the painted surface may assume a greyish tinge over time, but the stove can easily be freshened up with Morsø...
  • Page 16: Cleaning The Stove

    That will be a great benefit to the environment. Note: Should be handed in to a recycling station as ceramic glass. Internal cast-iron parts and/or wearing parts The baffles and other components that come in direct contact with the fire and glowing fuel are all wearing parts.
  • Page 17 Spare parts for the 7800/7900 Description Product no. Cast grate 34791400 Cast smoke hood 34791800 Vermiculite baffle 7900 79790500 Glass window, front 79790100 Glass window, outer side 7900 79790200 Glass window, inner side 7900 79790300 Rear vermiculite brick 7900 79790400 Vermiculite baffle 7800 79791200 Rear vermiculite brick 7800...
  • Page 19: Guarantee Product Registration

    Guarantee Product Registration MORSØ 10 YEAR GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE Behind every Morsø stove is more than 160 years of dedicated stove design and manufacturing experi- ence. Quality control has always been at the heart of the production process and detailed measures have been put into place at all key stages of the build.
  • Page 20 IMPORTANT! How to heat safely for the environ- ment and yourself! • Use only dry wood Use only dry (max. 20% moisture content) and untreated wood. The fuel must be split and 8 - 12 cm thick. • Light Light with dry kindling (use 1 - 2 kg). Leave the door ajar and stay close to the stove during the lighting phase.

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