Morso 7642 Installation & Operating Instructions Manual
Morso 7642 Installation & Operating Instructions Manual

Morso 7642 Installation & Operating Instructions Manual

7600-series heater


Read the entire manual
before installing and using
your Morsø stove
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  • Page 1 Read the entire manual before installing and using your Morsø stove [ 1 ] A French version of the manual can be downloaded at
  • Page 2: Technical Specifications

    Available Low smoke emissions Mobile home approved Made from 98% recycled iron Washington State Compliant Recycled packaging Morsø 7642 Morsø 7644 Morsø 7648 Basic Clearance (using single wall pipe top vent) Stove to side wall 15” Stove to rear wall 1”...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Safety Notices & Standards • Technical Specifications Safety Notice SAFeTy NOTiCeS & STANDArDS Please read the entire installation and operation manual before you install and use your new solid fuel • Safety Notice heater. If this appliance is not properly installed, a house fire may result. To reduce the risk of fire, ca- refully follow the installation instructions.
  • Page 4: Safety Notices

    installation Safety Notices • This room heater is approved for wood fuel only; Do not burn any other fuel or garbage. preparation • If this wood heater is not installed properly, it may result in a house fire. To reduce the risk of fire We recommend installation be performed by an approved Morsø...
  • Page 5 Typical Factory-Built or Masonry Chimney installations See page 10 for key See page 10 for key [ 8 ] [ 9 ]...
  • Page 6 Typical installation installation Key Chimney Cap DVL or DuraBlack 11 Tee with Tee Cap 11 Tee with Tee Cap Ceiling Support Box 12 Tee Support Wall Thimble 13 Chase Top Flashing Chimney Pipe 14 Base Tee/Double Tee Storm Collar Attic Insulation Shield 15 Anchor Plate or Anchor Plate with Damper Flashing Flashing...
  • Page 7: Clearances To Combustible Surfaces

    Clearances to combustible surfaces Flue Connection The stove is supplied from the factory with round blanking plates blocking off the top and rear flue exits (behind the rear shield plate). A cast iron flue collar is placed inside the firebox during transit. Distance to walls and lintel When the stove is positioned near combustible materials, observe all current local and national buil- Use a 24 MSG black chimney connector or listed double wall chimney connector.
  • Page 8: Floor Protection

    Floor protection FreeSTANDiNg reSiDeNTiAL iNSTALLATiON TOp veNT Clearance requrements using double wall connector Floor protection requirements NON -COMBUSTiBLe MATeriAL BeNeATH STOve Canada Canada A. Sidewall to unit 15” 381 mm A. Extending distance, back 8’’(200 mm) B. Backwall to unit 1”...
  • Page 9: Mobile Home Installation

    THe STrUCTUrAL iNTegriTy OF THe MOBiLe HOMe FLOOr, WALL, AND CeiLiNg/rOOF MUST Be 7642 & 7644 are prepared for securing. MAiNTAiNeD (i.e., DO NOT CUT THrOUgH FLOOr JOiST, WALL STUD, CeiLiNg TrUSS, eTC.) The 7648 requires you drill three holes in the floor at specific points (see diagram below).
  • Page 10: Operation

    Operation The operating position of the air control lever (or dial) will vary and so will your loading intervals; both are dependent on several factors, your lighting technique, the chimney draft, the fuel used and the heat requirement etc. Before you light your heater here are a few considerations. Your new Morsø...
  • Page 11: How To Light Your Stove

    How to light your stove 6. Leave the stove door ajar After 5-10 minutes the heat will produce draft through the 1. How to light the stove chimney, and the door can be shut. As shown in the picture to the left you need the following: 2 fire lighthers (or 5-10 scrunched-up sheets of newspaper) 1 kg of dry kindling Approx.
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    Maintenance Do not for any reason attempt to increase the air flow through your heater by altering or tampering with the air control mechanism. This could lead to serious safety and health hazards. A clean well maintained heater is essential for good health and a safe home environment. Your heater Warning: Fireplace heaters must never be left unattended when the door(s) is open.
  • Page 13: Ceramic Glass Replacement

    internal parts Ceramic glass replacement The flame-path equipment - consisting of firebricks/vermiculite liners, bottom and front grates, Ceramic glass cannot be recycled because it has a higher melting point than ordinary glass. ceramic glass, baffle plate assembly, pilot air assembly and chimney connector collar are the main If ceramic glass is mixed with ordinary glass, the recycled material is spoiled and the recycling process components that are subjected to the rigors and heat of the fire;...
  • Page 14: Chimney Sweeping & Inspection

    Caution: Leaving the heater for extended periods Never empty ash when the heater is in operation. Never use your household or shop vacuum cleaner to remove ash from the heater as it may still important notice: contain hot coals. When the heater is to be left unused for a long period of time (summer months etc) it is essential to Always dispose of ash in a metal container.
  • Page 15: Spare Parts

    Spare parts [ 28 ] [ 29 ]...
  • Page 16 7642 NA 7644 NA 7648 NA pOS.Nr.: parts: 7642 NA 7644 NA 7648 NA Base plate 447601xx Cover 442610xx 442610xx 442610xx Top frame 447607xx 447607xx 447607xx 545006 545006 545006 Door 447603xx 447603xx 447603xx Distance tube 545007 545007 545007...
  • Page 17 [ 32 ]...

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