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Cleaning The Stove - Morso 7600 series Instructions For Installation And Use Manual


The gaskets in the door will wear out over time, and should be replaced as required in order
to prevent runaway combustion. Use the original Morsø gasket kit.
NOTE: Normal wearing parts are not covered by Morsø's extended warranty.
A selection of maintenance products (spare parts, glass cleaner, paint, gasket kit, etc.) is
available from your Morsø dealer.
3.3 Cleaning the stove
A layer of ash and soot will form as a result of the draught in the chimney and after sweeping,
particularly on the top of the upper baffle. This ash will have an insulating effect, which may
speed up the burn-through of the baffles.
Nowadays the chimney sweep must remove the soot in the stove, in addition to sweeping the
chimney and cleaning the flue pipe.
The number of annual sweepings/cleanings of the stove should be determined in consultation
with your chimney sweep.
As noted above, there should be a layer of approximately 1 cm insulating ash in the bottom
of the combustion chamber in order to achieve a high combustion temperature. If the layer of
ash is too thick, it can be brushed down into the ash pan.
Empty the ash pan before it gets completely full, so that the ash does not insulate around the
grate, and thereby speed up the burn-through.
In most cases, the ash will need to be taken away by the waste disposal company. Because
embers may be concealed in the ash pan for several days, it may be necessary to store the
ash in a container made of non-flammable material before pouring it into a rubbish bag.
Ash from a wood-burning stove will not be of any benefit to your garden as fertiliser. If you
have burned colour brochures, or painted or treated wood, etc., in the stove, the resulting ash
must not be poured onto soil, as it may contain heavy metals.
Cast grate
Glass window
Right side brick panel
Left side brick panel
Rear brick
Spare parts for the 7600
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