Instructions for Installation and Use
EN 13240
(75,5% Efficiency)

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  • Page 1 Instructions for Installation and Use 7110 EN 13240 (75,5% Efficiency) MORSØ JERNSTØBERI A/S . DK-7900 NYKØBING MORS E-Mail: · Website:
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ENJOY YOUR NEW MORSØ STOvE! Morsø, the largest stove manufacturer in Denmark, has been making cast-iron stoves of the highest qual- ity since 1853. By carefully following the instructions below, we are certain that you will enjoy many years of comfortable warmth from your new Morsø...
  • Page 3: Installing Your Morsø Stove Page

    1.0 INSTALLING YOUR MORSØ STOvE 1.1 Unpacking the stove First remove the outer carton and lay flat next to the stove; this can act as a protective working surface during the assembly procedure. For shipping purposes, the stove is bolted to the wooded pallet; it should be released from the pallet by removing the bolts from the underside.
  • Page 4 Minimum clearances to combustible surfaces: Stove type Behind the To the sides Above the Stove Clearances to stove (A) of the stove (B) furniture furniture Morsø 70 00 mm 500 mm 500 mm 000 mm uninsulated flue Morsø 70 50 mm 500 mm 500 mm 000 mm...
  • Page 5: The Chimney

    1.5 The chimney Only if National or Local Regulations permit are you permitted to connect a stove into a chim- ney that is shared by another appliance. YOU MUST be aware of any applicable Regulations in this respect. The wood-burning stove must never been connected to a chimney to which a gas-burning stove or appliance is connected.
  • Page 6: Connecting To A Masonry Chimney

    How to position the baffle plates The upper baffle () made of vermiculite are fitted in the stove on delivery. The  cast iron baffles () are positioned correctly above  stainless steel pipes that provide the secondary air supply to the combustion (see drawing). The Insulation blanket () is carefully positioned above the  cast iron baffles.
  • Page 7: Draft Conditions

    Fresh air supply A wood-burning stove requires air for combustion and therefore you may need to install additional ventilation to the room, especially so in well insulated houses. If the air supply is inadequate the chimney draft may be too weak, with the possible result that the stove will not burn properly;...
  • Page 8: Lighting Instructions And Fuelling Intervals

    2.0 FIRING THE STOvE/USING YOUR STOvE The heat output of your stove is regulated by means of  air inlets. The pre-heated primary air supply that with great speed is supplied to the fire across the glass window and controlled by the lever under the ash lip.
  • Page 9 . A layer of embers will form rapidly if the stove is lit with  - 4 fire lighters or 7 - 0 rolled up sheets of newspaper, underneath roughly - kg of dry kind- ling. . Fully open to the right the air supply that is control- led by the handle positioned beneath the ash lip.
  • Page 10 5. Refuelling of your stove should be done while there are still glowing embers in the bed. Spread the embers across the bottom, but concentrated most- ly towards the front of the stove. 6. Place three pieces of fuel weighing roughly 0.7 kg and measuring about 0 cm in length across the embers in one layer, with spacing of roughly  cm between the pieces of wood.
  • Page 11 If you require a lower burn rate and lower output Add smaller amounts of wood and let in less air; but remember that the primary air vent should never be fully closed when you have just refuelled. Only when the fuel has reached the charcoal stage (i.e.
  • Page 12: Routine Stove Maintenance

    3.0 ROUTINE STOvE MAINTENANCE 3.1 External maintenance The surface of the stove is painted with heat-resistant Senotherm paint. If the stove is used too vigorously, the painted surface may take-on a greyish tinge. It is easily maintained by simply vacuuming the surface with a soft brush attachment and applying two light layers of paint. Morsø...
  • Page 13: Cleaning The Stove

    Gaskets The rope gaskets in the door will need regular inspection in order to ensure and maintain full control of your stove’s burning rate; over time the rope gaskets will harden and will become less airtight; at this point you will need to remove and replace with new. Use only the genuine Morsø...
  • Page 14 MAINTENANCE PARTS Description Product Code Cast iron grate 447600 Cast iron baffles 47800 Stainless Steel pipe - long 770900 Stainless Steel pipe - short 77000 Door Glass 7970000 Right Side brick 797000 Left Side brick 797000 Back brick 797000 Brick securing bar 770600...
  • Page 16 Morsø Jernstøberi A/S 77000...

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