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Morso 7600 series Instructions For Installation And Use Manual page 9


2.1 Lighting and fuelling intervals
A lot of air is needed when lighting the stove. If you are starting with a cold stove, the door
should be left ajar for the first few minutes, and the combustion air supply opened to maxi-
mum. Always keep approximately 1 cm of ash in the bottom of the combustion chamber. This
will have an insulating effect, and ensures good combustion.
(pictures below: The actual stove model may look slightly different)
1. A layer of embers will form rapidly if the stove is lit with 2 -
4 fuel tablets or 7 - 10 rolled up sheets of newspaper un-
derneath 1-2 kg of dry kindling.
2. Open the air supply as much as possible. This is done using
the handle above the door.
3. After the paper/solid alcohol tablets have caught fire, lea-
ve the fire door ajar about 5 - 10 cm, so that the chimney
draws well.
4. When you can see that the chimney is hot enough to draw
(after 5 - 10 minutes), close the door. If all the necessary
conditions are met, a thick layer of embers will have been
formed in the combustion chamber after another 15 - 20
minutes, and there will be a high temperature in the com-
bustion chamber, which is necessary in order to be able
to continue the combustion.

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