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Morso 7600 series Instructions For Installation And Use Manual page 10


5. If the condition in step 4 is met, place max. 2 pieces of
wood with a total weight of 1.5-2 kg and a length of 25-
30 cm over the embers in a single layer, with a distance of
approximately 1 cm.
6. Open the air supply to maximum, and close the door.
The fresh wood will be lit within 2-3 minutes.
If it does not light, open the door slightly to allow in enough
air to ignite the wood.
Close the door again once the wood has caught.
7. Reduce the amount of combustion air to the desired posi-
tion, and the optimal combustion will continue. Make sure
that there is always enough air (oxygen) to maintain clear,
lasting flames when, and after, reducing the amount of
combustion air.
During the official test, the stoking interval was 70-80 mi-
8. Once the fire has been reduced to a thick layer of embers,
a new portion of wood can be added by repeating steps 5
& 7.

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