Cartridge Ribbon Setting - Sharp MZ-80P6 Instruction Manual

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Cartridge Ribbon Setting
The cartridge ribbon for the MZ-80P6 is a long-lasting, endless type and easy to set and remove.
Follow the procedure explained below when setting the cartridge ribbon.
Stand up the printer cover and check that the scale
touches (Leans against the back) the platen.
Turn the cartridge ribbon turning knob in the
direction of the arrow and check that the ribbon
isn't loose or twisted.
STEP 3. Take the cartridge ribbon by the handle and set it
in by suspending the ribbon in the head nose gu ide
and pushing the cartridge ribbon to the printer
mechanism. At this time, check that the cartridge
ribbon is in the support grooves on the right and
left of the mechan ism.
STEP 4. While pushing the ribbon down with a pencil or
similar instrument, turn the cartridge ribbon turn­
ing knob in the direction of the arrow and set the
ink ribbon correctly between the head nose and
ribbon mask.
STEP 5. Finally, check that the ink ribbon isn't twisted or
loose and take up the ribbon tension.
(Note 1) Be careful that the ink ribbon is put in correctly.
I f it isn't, there is danger that the ribbon may
come out, there may be mis-printing or that the
head needle may be damaged.
(Note 2) This cartridge ribbon can be replaced only with an
ink ribbon. However, replacement of the ink rib­
bon of the same cartridge ribbon can be done on Iy
4 times. After that, use a new cartridge ribbon.
Turning knob
{I: :
e l ~
Ink ribbon tension
Cartridge ribbon setting
Turning knob
Ink ribbon setting
Ribbon mask
Head nose
Correct way of inserting ribbon.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents