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Wireless n network camera
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Section 3 - Configuration
The options in Image Setup allow you to adjust the settings for your IP
camera sensor and image.
Brightness: This adjusts the brightness of the camera image. This is set
to 60 by default.
Saturation: This adjusts the color saturation of the camera image. This
is set to 60 by default.
Contrast: This adjusts the contrast of the camera image. This is set to
0 by default.
Frequency: This option adjusts the camera sensor's setting to avoid the
image flickering under certain light sources, such as florescent lights. This
is set to 60Hz by default.
White balance: You can change the white balance of the camera image
by selecting a setting from the dropdown box. This is set to Auto by
B/W: Ticking this checkbox will change the camera image into black and
Flip: This will flip the image vertically.
Mirror: This will flip the image horizontally in such a way that your left side will be on the left side of the screen and
vice versa.
Note: Mirror and Flip can be used if you choose to mount the DCS-1130 upside down on the ceiling.
D-Link DCS-1130 User Manual
Setup > Image Setup



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