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Setup > Dynamic Dns - D-Link DCS-1130 User Manual

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Section 3 - Configuration
Setup > Dynamic DNS
If you have a DSL or Cable service provider that changes your modem IP
address periodically, Dynamic DNS (Domain Name Service), a method
of keeping a domain name linked to a dynamic IP address, is useful.
With most Cable and DSL connections, you are assigned a dynamic IP
address and that address is used only for the duration of that specific
connection. With the DCS-1130, you can set up your DDNS service and
the DCS-1130 will automatically update your DDNS server every time it
receives a different IP address. Depending on the service, this update
may take a few hours.
Enable DDNS: Check this checkbox to enable the DDNS function of the
Server Address: Use the dropdown box on the right to select a DDNS
Host Name: Type in the Host Name of the DDNS service.
User Name: Enter your User Name for the DDNS service.
Password: Enter the password for the DDNS service.
Verify Password: Retype the password for the DDNS service.
Timeout: This sets the number of hours between DDNS updates.
After making any changes, click the Save Settings button to save your changes, or click the Don't Save Settings
button to discard your changes.
D-Link DCS-1130 User Manual



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