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Wireless n network camera
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Appendix A - Installing the DCS-1130 on a Router Without UPnP
3) Open the HTTP Port
The HTTP port option under Port Detail Settings is used when multiple
cameras are being installed behind a single public IP address and will
be accessed remotely OR for using a port other than the default port for
image viewing. For each additional camera that is installed, you must
assign the appropriate Web server port for each camera to enable remote
By default, port 80 (Web server port) is open. If these ports are available
for use, you DO NOT have to open a second port and can proceed to
the next section.
If port 80 is not available (for example, if you are already using port 80
to run a Web server or your ISP blocks access on port 80), you MUST
open a second port and designate a new Web server port (800, 801,
802, etc.). Similarly, if port 554 is not available, you will need to open a
different port for RTSP.
Note: B e sure to take note of these settings since these same settings will be used to configure your router.
Note: Some ISPs block traffic on commonly used ports like port 80 to disallow consumers from putting a server on their
network. Be sure to check with your ISP so that you can open the appropriate ports accordingly. If your ISP does not
pass traffic on port 80, you will need to change the Web server port the camera uses from 80 to something else, like
800. If you are behind a residential gateway, you will need to open a corresponding port on your gateway as well. Not
all gateways are the same. Please refer to your gateway's user's manual for specific instructions on how to forward
D-Link DCS-1130 User Manual

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Table of Contents

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