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D-Link DCS-1130 User Manual page 25

Wireless n network camera
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Section 3 - Configuration
Note: Video Profile 3 is always set to MJPEG as the Encode Type to
ensure that at least one of the Video Profiles are viewable by non-IE
browsers. Video Profile 4 is for mobile devices only, and always uses
MPEG-4 as the Encode Type.
Enable Night Mode: Check this box to enable Night Mode. Night mode
allows the camera to use a longer shutter speed when the camera is in a
low-light environment. If the camera is in an area where there is sufficient
lighting, Night Mode will not affect the video stream.
Shutter: This sets the longest shutter speed Night Mode will use when
Night Mode is enabled and the camera is viewing a low-light scene.
Light Source: Here you can set the kind of lighting used in the area your
camera is monitoring to improve the image quality of the video.
Enable Microphone: Checking this box will enable you to listen to audio
picked up by the camera's microphone. This will allow you to hear what
is happening near your camera.
Volume: This sets the volume level of the incoming audio.
Note: Higher frame size, frame rate and bit rates will give you better video
quality, but they will also require more network bandwidth. For best viewing
results on a mobile phone, we suggest setting the frame rate to 5 fps and
bit rate to 20 Kbps.
After making any changes, click the Save Settings button to save
your changes, or click the Don't Save Settings button to discard your
D-Link DCS-1130 User Manual

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Table of Contents

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