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D-Link DCS-1130 User Manual page 41

Wireless n network camera
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Section 4 - Troubleshooting
7 Can the Internet Camera be used as a webcam for my computer?
No, the Internet Camera only functions through an Ethernet or wireless network. Other cameras such as the D-Link
DSB-C110 and DSB-C310 can be used as a PC Camera (webcam).
8 Can the Internet Camera be connected to a network if it consists of only private IP Addresses?
Yes, the Internet Camera can be connected to a LAN with private IP Addresses.
9 Can the Internet Camera be installed if a firewall exists on the network?
If a firewall exists on the network, port 80 needs to be opened for data communication. You will need to do port forwarding
by opening a port to the camera. Please refer to your firewall's product manual for detailed instructions.
10 Why can't I access the Internet Camera from a web browser?
A possible cause might be that the IP Address for the Internet Camera is already being used by another device. To
correct the possible problem, you need to first disconnect the Internet Camera from the network. Then try to PING
(follow the instructions in the section titled How to PING Your IP Address:) the IP address your Internet Camera is set
to use. If there is a reply, it indicates that there is another device on the network with the same IP address. You will
need to run the Install Wizard again and change the IP address of the camera.
Other possible problems might be due to the network cable; try using another network cable. Test the network interface
of the product by connecting a local computer directly to the unit, utilizing a standard Crossover Cable, and run the
PING utility. If the problem is not solved, the Internet Camera might be faulty.
Internet Camera Installation
11 Why does the Power LED not light up?
Make sure that you are using the provided power supply for the Internet Camera and verify that the power supply is
securely connected.
12 Why does the Internet Camera work locally but not externally?
This might be caused by a firewall. Check with your system administrator; the firewall may need to have some settings
changed in order for the Internet Camera to be accessible outside your local LAN. Refer to page 39 for more information
about installing your camera behind a router.
D-Link DCS-1130 User Manual

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