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Inter-Tel SoftPhone 8601 User Manual: Automatic Speech Recognition (asr)

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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is a feature available for systems using EM.
Because ASR is a very flexible feature, it can be enabled or disabled on several differ-
ent levels. When ASR is enabled for your mailbox, you can issue spoken commands
to navigate the voice mail menus. ASR also allows subscribers and non-subscribers to
navigate automated attendant menus, call routing applications, and search the directo-
ries using voice commands.
When you access voice mail, if you are given the option to say a command or tap a
dialpad digit to complete a task, then ASR is enabled for your mailbox. If you are
only prompted to tap a dialpad digit, ASR is not enabled for your mailbox. If your
mailbox is not ASR-enabled, you can still navigate the menus and perform tasks by
tapping the appropriate dialpad digits when prompted by the system.
When using ASR, follow these guidelines for best results:
When completing a mailbox-related task, either say the command each time or
tap the dialpad digits each time.
When you use the dialpad digits to complete a task, you are sometimes prompted
to tap
necessary to say "Pound" or "Hash" when using ASR. The silence that follows
your voice command replaces the
While you are recording a message, ASR is temporarily disabled, therefore you
cannot issue spoken commands to access options like pause and erase. If you
attempt to issue a spoken command while you are recording, your recording will
include the command you issued. To access the pause and erase options, you
must tap the appropriate dialpad digits.
You cannot use ASR to set up your e-mail password (see
reasons, you must enter your e-mail password characters by tapping the appropri-
ate dialpad digits. Entering passwords this way prevents others from overhearing
your password.
If the system cannot interpret your voice commands for three consecutive
attempts, ASR is temporarily disabled by the system for the current call. You can
still complete tasks using the dialpad digits; however, you will no longer be
prompted to say a command.
You can temporarily disable ASR for the current call by selecting option eight
from the main menu.
to indicate to the system that you have finished entering digits. It is not
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