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Gas Specifications; Gas Bottle Safety Information; Gas Bottle Installation; Leak Test Procedure (Universal Lpg) - Electrolux en:tice EQBM60AS User Manual

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20 gas specifications/gas bottle safety/gas bottle installation/leak test procedure electrolux en:tice barbecue

Gas specifications

For Electrolux En:tice EQBM90AS only
gas type
Maximum gas consumption 48 MJ/h
Injector orifice diameter (mm) 0.95
Number of injectors
Regulator pressure
For Electrolux En:tice EQBM60AS only
gas type
Maximum gas consumption 42 MJ/h
Injector orifice diameter (mm) 0.90
Number of injectors
Regulator pressure
This appliance MUST be serviced only by a qualified
licensed person.
This product is intended for outdoor use only.
Ventilation holes in the unit must not be obscured
by the installation.
* The outlet pressure at the Natural Gas regulator will be
lower when all burners are operating. Burner pressure
should read 0.97kPa with one burner operating and
approximately 0.87kPa for model EQBM90AS and
0.89kPa for model EQBM60AS with four burners
** The outlet pressure at the LPG regulator will be lower when
all burners are operating Burner pressure should read 2.75kPa
with one burner operating and approximately 2.67kPa with four
burners operating.
For conversion to Natural Gas a conversion kit is available
for purchase from Electrolux Spare Parts.

Gas bottle safety information

This appliance is designed to use a Universal LPG
9kg (20 lbs) gas cylinder.
The gas cylinder must be made and marked in
accordance with specifications for LPG cylinders
The isolation valve must be turned off when the
appliance is not in use.
Gas cylinders must be stored in an approved housing
out of reach of children.
When disconnecting the gas bottle ensure that all
the control valves are in the 'OFF' position.
Remove the bottle from any housing in which it
may be stored before disconnection.
When reconnecting the hose to the bottle, ensure
that all connections are tight before replacing in the
storage compartment.
Carry out a leakage check as detailed below after
each reconnection.
universal LPG
natural gas
58 MJ/h
2.75 kPa**
0.97 kPa*
universal LPG
natural gas
42 MJ/h
2.75 kPa**
0.97 kPa*

Gas bottle installation

1. Open both gas bottle compartment doors.
2. Place gas bottle into well in base ensuring bottle is stable.
3. Make connection of gas hose to gas bottle.
Gas bottles vary in size and there may be some variations
that do not fit into the space provided. As an alternative to
placing the bottle into well in base, the bottle can be placed
on the ground and hose placed through hole in rear panel
for connection to inlet. The cylinder connection is a POL
type 21 connection with a left hand thread.

Leak test procedure (Universal LPG)

Ensure all gas valves are in the 'OFF' position.
In a small container, mix a solution of water and
detergent or soap.
After connection of the hose, turn on the valve at the
gas bottle or mains as appropriate.
Using a brush apply the solution to the gas connection
points and look for bubbles forming.
Bubbling will indicate a leak.
Turn off the valve and re-tighten the joint. Repeat the
leak test.
If the leak persists, turn off the gas at the isolation
valves and contact a licensed gas fitter to correct.
leak test points
check hose for
signs of abrasions,
cracks or leaks


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