Gas Specifications; Natural Gas Installation; Gas Connection Detail - Electrolux EQBL100AS User Manual

Integrated barbecue
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Gas specifications
gas type
Maximum gas consumption
Injector orifice diameter
Number of injectors
Regulator pressure
a qualified licensed person.
which requires the installation of venting to enable
the barbecue to operate correctly. Failure to provide
adequate ventilation for supply of air to the appliance
may result in poor burner performance or excessive
heat build-up within the mounting enclosure.
the installation.

Gas connection detail

electrolux integrated barbecue gas specifications/natural gas installation 3
natural gas
universal LPG
50 MJ/hr
50 MJ/hr
1.00 kPa
2.75 kPa

Natural Gas installation

Preparing the unit for Natural Gas installation
This barbecue is supplied set up for Natural Gas and is
labelled accordingly. A Universal LPG conversion kit is
included if required. Conversion of this unit to Universal LPG
must be carried out by a qualified licensed person.
A Certificate of Compliance must be issued to the owner on
completion of the installation and conversion.
Fit Natural Gas installation pipe to the barbecue gas inlet to
enable access to the regulator in the installed position.
When tightening the regulator or any other connection do
not over-tighten.
1. Fitting the Natural Gas installation pipe
place. Do not over-tighten.
2. Fitting the regulator
is in place and the arrow indicating gas flow is
correct. Do not over-tighten.
3. Fit the hose
the hose and screw into the regulator. Do not over-
4. Fit to mains
Preparing the unit for Natural Gas connection to
For Natural Gas connection a bayonet connection point
should be installed by a licensed gas fitter prior to installing
the barbecue unit.
barbecue gas inlet
sealing washer
Natural Gas
installation pipe
sealing washer
regulator – ensure
arrow is pointing in
the right direction
hose with tapered
thread – thread tape


Table of Contents

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