Gas Requirements; Leak Testing - Electrolux EGL4401X Use & Care Manual

Outdoor grill with electronic ignition
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Never attach an unregulated gas line
to the appliance. Connection to an
unregulated gas line can cause
excessive heat or fire.
Verify the type of gas supply to be used,
Liquid Propane or Butane (L.P.).
NOTE: Always have a qualified service
technician perform difficult
conversions or modifications.
All pipe sealants must be an
approved type and resistant to the
actions of L.P. gases. Never use pipe
sealant on flare fittings. All gas
connections should be made by a
competent qualified service technician
and in accordance with local codes and
ordinances. The installation of this grill
must conform with local codes.
Electrolux Gas Grills that are set to
operate with L.P. gas come with a gas
bottle connection kit in a separate box.
(Note:Only use gas bottle connection kit
supplied with the grill or replacement kit
specified by Electrolux).
This assembly is designed to
connect directlythe grill to a standard
L.P. tank. L.P. tanks are not included
with the grill and can be purchased
separately at an indipendednt dealer.
For the correct installation of the
connection kit to the L.P. tank please
refer to the specific instructions coming
with the connection kit.

Gas Requirements

connection kit to the grill it is necessary
to screw the exit junction of the kit
placed at the end of the flexible hose
to the gas inlet of the grill. In order to
obtain a proper sealing of the junction
it is necessary to complete the
screwing using a adjustable wrench
(see Fig.13)
in a way that do not require additional
gaskets to guarantee a proper sealing.
After having installed the connection kit
verify the correct sealing of the gas
connections following the Pre
Operation Leak Testing instructions
contained in this manual.
For the correct installation of the
Fig. 13
The connection kit is designed

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Table of Contents

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