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Electrolux en:tice EQBM60AS User Manual page 19

En:tice barbecue


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18. F it hot plate
The hot plate has forms underneath for location.
The rear forms lift the plate at rear to give slope for
grease drainage. The front forms are located behind
front barrier to prevent sliding forward. The plate slope
will match the grills when installed correctly.
Drip edge at front
Form under front of plate
locates against front barrier
to prevent sliding forward
19. F it warmer racks (model EQBM90AS only)
The warmer racks have slots in the rear bend
which slide over screws in splashback at rear.
Slots at rear of warmer
rack slide vertically into
retaining screws.
20. F it wire warming rack (model EQBM60AS only)
Tilt front of rack up and locate wire ends into holes
in rear of splashguard.
electrolux en:tice barbecue assembling the barbecue 19
Raised edge at rear
Forms under plate at rear locate
on rear of burner box to give
slope for grease drainage
Hot plate matches grill
when correctly installed


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