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Using The Roasting Hood; Using The Side Table - Electrolux en:tice EQBM60AS User Manual

En:tice barbecue


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24 using the roasting hood/using the side table electrolux en:tice barbecue
This barbecue is fitted with high power burners. In
most conditions it will only be necessary to preheat the
barbecue for 5 minutes before cooking can commence.
As with most things, experience will familiarise you with
the effectiveness of and the time required to achieve the
desired preheating time to obtain the desired cooking
Testing has shown that the burners can be turned to
the low position for satisfactory cooking.
If the unit does not operate correctly refer to the
troubleshooting section on page 26.
If the burners are left to run too hot there will be excessive
smoking during the cooking process and subsequent
burning of the food being prepared. This may also result
in excessive flaring of the fat being emitted from the food.
Roasting with the hood closed only requires the 2 outermost
burners to be on low setting for satisfactory cooking. Refer
below for further information on roasting.
To turn the burner off
When cooking is complete, rotate the knob fully
clockwise so the pointer on the knob is positioned
at the 'OFF' position.
Turn gas bottle isolation valve off after turning all
knobs to 'OFF' position when appliance not in use.

Using the roasting hood

Cooking with the hood closed only requires 2 burners
to be on low setting. Setting is to be adjusted
depending on conditions and using the temperature
indicator as a guide.
It is recommended when roasting to place the solid
hot plate in the centre with one grill on each side of the
plate. Use the two outer burners under the grills.
To achieve even cooking of the food, place the food
onto a wire rack above the hot plate to allow air to
circulate under the food.
Food can also be placed on the warming racks for
cooking with hood closed
• D o not use more than 2 burners when hood closed
and do not allow the temperature to exceed the
'Ready' zone of the temperature indicator. These
conditions create excessive heat and may cause
damage to the barbecue and roasting hood.
• W hen cooking with the hood closed the hot flue
gases flow out the rear of the appliance between
the splashguard and the hood. Ensure the barbecue
is suitably located to avoid damage or injury.

Using the side table

To extend the side tables:
Lift upwards until it locks.
To fold back into place:
1. Lift upwards slightly to unlock.
2. Slide support arms upwards and table should fall
into place.
Lift upwards
Lift upwards


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