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Cleaning And Care; Maintenance - Electrolux en:tice EQBM60AS User Manual

En:tice barbecue


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Cleaning and care

Please ensure that your barbecue is switched
off and has cooled down before following the
instructions below.
Cast iron plates & enamel coated steel grills
The cooking plates and grills have a porcelain
enamelled coating.
NOTE: Many food acids, juices, marinades and sauces
contain highly acidic elements that will slowly attack
the surface of the cast iron if not removed immediately
after cooking.
After use remove all solid material from the cooking surface
using a brass bristled barbecue brush or plastic bristled
scourer. Wipe off the remaining grease with paper towelling.
Gently wash the surfaces with a cloth or sponge and a mild
detergent and hot water. Dry components immediately and
coat the cooking surface with a light layer of cooking oil.
This protects the surface when not in use. Do not clean the
cooking surface in a dishwasher
Enamel coated panels – hood inner & burner box
Wash enamel surfaces with hot soapy water and a nylon
scourer. To avoid contact with burners and the potential
of blocking burner ports with residue, it is advisable to
remove burners prior to cleaning burner box.
Do not use caustic, harsh abrasive cleaners, powder
cleaners, steel wool or wax polishes.
Cleaning stainless steel surfaces
Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaners, scourers or
metal scrapers on these stainless steel surfaces as they
may permanently scratch and damage your barbecue.
Wash stainless steel surfaces with a soft dishcloth using
hot soapy water.
Ensure that all surfaces are dried with a clean dry cloth.
tips and information
Sometimes stainless steel surfaces are affected by a brown
discolouration called tea staining. This usually occurs in areas
of high heat and can be easily removed using specialised
stainless steel cleaners. For best results,
we recommend that specialised cleaners be used regularly
on all stainless steel components. You will find these cleaners
at most hardware stores or from Electrolux Spare Parts.
electrolux en:tice barbecue cleaning and care/maintenance/troubleshooting/accessories 25
Cleaning the oil reservoirs
The barbecue has a unique oil management
system which drains oil to the front into easily removed
reservoirs which should be cleaned after each use.
To remove reservoirs, pull upwards from the front
of the barbecue and dispose of the contents of the
catchment responsibly.
The oil reservoirs have a non stick coating to assist
with cleaning. To preserve this surface only use a
soft dishcloth with warm soapy water to clean.
Powder coated & painted panels
Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaners, scourers or metal
scrapers as they may permanently damage your barbecue.
Wash all powder coated panels with a soft dishcloth using
warm soapy water. Ensure that all surfaces are dried with
a clean dry cloth.
When the barbecue is not being used it is recommended
to keep it covered. A cover is available, contact Electrolux
Customer Service for details. If the barbecue is to be stored
indoors, remove the gas cylinder and store the cylinder in
a ventilated outdoor area.


Stainless steel burners
Burners should be checked at least once per year and
cleaned as necessary. Inspect burners to ensure no
residues have been deposited and gas ports are clear.
Care should be taken not to disturb the spark electrode
or gas injectors.
Gas Fittings
Check gas fittings are tight and do not leak. Check gas
supply hoses are in good condition and do not leak.
Regular Inspection
Inspect the BBQ thoroughly for any grease, dirt or food
residue accumulation and remove. The barbecue interior
can be wiped down with a soft cloth in hot soapy water.
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