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Cisco 7961 Quick Start Manual page 4

Ip handset
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Cisco 7961 & 7941 IP Phone Quick Start Guide
Mute a Call
The caller is unable to hear
you but you can hear them
Placing a Call on Hold
While on a call, you can place
the call on hold so that the
caller cannot hear you and
you cannot hear the caller. If
applicable you can answer
other calls while a call is on
Transferring a Call
You can transfer a call to
another phone either as a
'Blind' or a 'Consultative'
Blind Transfer
Consultative Transfer
If the called party is
unable to take the call or
is not at their desk
Additional Call Functions
Speed Dials
If this has been configured,
this allows you to access the
system-wide speed dials
Cisco IP 7961 & 7941 User Guide
While on a call, you can mute the handset, headset, or
To mute a call, press the MUTE
light up red and a beep is heard when the button is pressed)
To disengage mute, press the MUTE
To place a call on hold, press the Hold soft button
To go back to a held call use the Resume soft button
If calls on multiple lines are on hold, press the required line
button or press the Navigation button
The held call(s) will flash on the screen
During a call, press the Trnsfer soft button. This places the first
call on hold
Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call, then
perform the relevant next step:-
When you hear ringing, press Trnsfer again or simply hang up
Wait until the called party answers, announce the call and then
press Trnsfer or simply hang up
Have them hang up (or you press End Call)
Press the Resume soft button to return to the original held call
Note: You can transfer a call to an external number, remember to
dial "0" first, note that this will tie up a two (2) lines until the call has
Press directories button
Using the Navigation button, highlight Local Speed Dial
Press Select soft button
You will see the list of speed dials that have been programmed
into your system
Press the Navigation button to highlight the entry
Press Dial soft button to dial the number
Version 2.0
button (the mute button will
button again
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